LETTER: Downtown security cameras would be crime-fighting plus


To Ozaukee Press:
        Regarding assertions by some that adding security cameras in downtown Port Washington would constitute an invasion of privacy, please consider that law enforcement officers daily observe people taking part in everyday activities, be them legal or otherwise, and act accordingly, stopping violators of various laws and regulations.
    If this is not an invasion of privacy, and most logical and reasonable people would agree that it is not, how then is it any different for law enforcement to observe either live footage or recorded footage from a video camera in order to solve crimes or reunite lost children with their parents? People are fooling themselves in this day and age if they really believe that they aren’t being seen or recorded by a video camera numerous times per day when they venture out in public.
    Drive on the freeway? Your car has been seen and recorded. Stop for gas or groceries, or perhaps the drive-through at McDonalds? Smile. You’re being watched and recorded.
    My point is the argument that placing more cameras around Port’s downtown and surrounding areas would amount to an invasion of personal privacy is weak. The fact is, video cameras and recorded footage are a part of our daily lives already, and they have helped police to solve many crimes.
    We’ve no doubt seen many folks share footage of property crimes caught on camera on social    media, asking people for help in identifying the perpetrator, yet you don’t see people screaming “invasion of privacy!” Rather, people band together and share the footage and help others to solve the crime.
    Here, locally, people may recall that there was a band of thieves breaking into local storage facilities and stealing thousands of dollars in personal property. This case was cracked when a local businessman came forward and shared recorded footage of these thugs in action and they were found and brought to justice.
    If you want to make arguments about who should pay for these added cameras and the required upkeep, that certainly is worth debating, but the idea that this constitutes an invasion of privacy is a silly argument.
    If you are against these cameras, I wonder what you would say if police had a video of someone vandalizing or stealing your property, and they told you, “We know who they are, however we’re sorry, but due to privacy rights, we can’t share this footage with you or arrest the persons responsible because that would be an invasion of their privacy.”
Gregory Angeli
Port Washington



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