LETTER: Don’t single out Harleys; other motorcycles, trucks are loud too

To Ozaukee Press:

While I agree with your editorial about loud pipes on bikes, why did you single out Harleys?

There are many other bike brands out there that resemble Harleys and are loud too. What about the high-pitched, screaming exhaust systems on “crotch-rockets?”

Or for that matter, loud and rumbling semi trucks.

Sorry, but loud pipes have been proven to save lives.

Especially with idiots using phones or putting on make-up or playing sound systems at mega volume levels while driving cars and trucks.

Tak Tisdale

Editor’s comment: We thank the letter writer for pointing out that Harley Davidson motorcycles with illegal exhaust pipes are not the only overly noisy vehicles on the road. He’s right that so-called “crotch-rocket” motorcycles are also offensively loud, as are some trucks, including diesel pickup trucks with purposely loud exhaust pipes and semis, especially when in the engine-braking mode. The editorial made it clear that Harley Davidson motorcycles with standard factory exhaust systems are not part of the problem.


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