LETTER: Don’t fall for media’s scare; hysteria is worse than virus

To Ozaukee Press:

The sky is falling! Well, that is what some would like you to believe.

While the latest virus upon us is a real concern and should be properly dealt with, life as we know it is not ending. People like Rep. Cortez and some media outlets are needlessly fueling the hysteria.

The economic cost of this hysteria will be far more damaging than the virus itself.

For 98% of the population, this will be nothing more than having the flu. Each year 350,000 to 650,000 people die worldwide from the “regular” flu, and yet it barely rates a mention in the news media.         

Other causes of death are considerably higher, such as murder, 450,000, and falls, 645,000, and don’t seem to make headlines.

Vehicle accidents result in about 1,250,000 deaths each year, yet media are not telling people to leave their cars at home so they don’t die.

Instead of trying to create the next sensational story, let’s try what that wise man to the north once said—RELAX!

Lawrence Williamson
Port Washington



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