LETTER: Don’t blame Biden for price of gas; it’s higher in 90 countries

To Ozaukee Press:

Thanks to our media (present company excluded), consciously or unconsciously, people believe that we are currently heading down the tubes when many parts of the economy are doing well. You can look that up.

Admittedly, inflation is one problem that is with most of us right now. But the other issue is how the media has been reporting it with a constant barrage of screaming headlines. News media are good at that, but not at giving context.

So, of course, the GOP wants you to think that Joe Biden had something to do with rising prices.

The media can fix that perception  by using one word to describe inflation— “worldwide.”

If you think Biden is at fault, explain why all countries of the world are dealing with these increasing costs, gasoline inflation in particular.

According to the GOP, Joe Biden (laughably, even Tony Evers is blamed) has brought this on to us, even though gas prices are higher in 90 other countries.

So, you kick Democrats out of Congress and in our binary system the

Republicans take over. They are banking on people forgetting that the recession leading from a badly mismanaged pandemic happened under Trump’s watch.

Giving the government over to the GOP would be like hiring the arsonist who burned down your house to rebuild it.

What’s a voter to do? The Republicans have no solutions to these problems (spare us the Keystone pipeline). Worse, they have given every indication that they would turn this country and this state into a one-party regime. Then we can kiss our democracy goodbye, something hundreds of thousands of our military died to protect.

The GOP is betting that the American voter is ill-informed and susceptible to fear tactics. Prove them wrong.

Keith R. Schmitz



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