LETTER: County Fair should not have allowed obscene political sign

To Ozaukee Press:

I would like to express my concern about the politically-affiliated booth at the Ozaukee County Fair last week. A good friend of mine came across very inappropriate signs and shirts at that booth that said, “Joe and the Hoe Gotta Go.”

Who knows how long these had been on display in full view when the fair opened? One should consider the word “hoe,” when directed at a woman, not to mention the vice president who is a woman of color, to be hate speech.

My friend called the fair’s board of directors and spoke to someone. That person hung up on her after refusing to resolve the issue. My friend then spoke with someone higher up and was told that the inappropriate signage would be moved to the back of the booth.

I called at that point and asked to speak with the person who had hung up on my friend. She told me the matter had been resolved because the items had been moved to the back of the booth. She then said, “There is this thing called freedom of speech. Families have the choice not to take their children into the tent. We’ve done all we can.”

No, that is not all that could be done. How on earth would a family know that there are hate speech signs inside the booth tent so they could avoid them? The signs should have been removed completely.

It’s worth noting that other people who called to complain have been treated very unprofessionally. After receiving a number of calls, the fair official instructed others in her office to tell concerned callers that she was in the bathroom.

Did no one on the County Fair board of directors see these signs as problematic?

I’m hoping fair officials will disallow the display and sale of these signs at our family-friendly County Fair. The hateful sexist language is completely inappropriate for a family event.

Amanda Sherman



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