LETTER: Compared to Obama, Trump is doing wonders for our country

To Ozaukee Press:
    My suggestion to the woman who wrote in a recent letter to the editor in last week’s Ozaukee Press that she was ashamed of our country because of President Trump’s action is that she leave and try to find a better country.
    Obama said our economy will never growth faster than 2% a year again. In just 16 months Trump has the economy growing at 4.5%.
    Obama was caught on an open mike saying a message should be sent to Putin that if he (Obama) was re-elected he will have flexibility in dealing with Russia. If Trump said that, he’d be impeached.
    The Russians were meddling in our election when Obama was in charge. Trump said he was concerned about the election being rigged. Obama said it could never happen and suggested Trump stop whining.
    President Trump expelled 60 Russian agents in response to the U.K. nerve poison attack. He provided offensive weapons to Ukraine, which Obama refused to do. Trump asked Merkel to stop buying gas from Russia because it was making them richer. I ask you, does that sound like he is in bed with the Russians?
    Trump gave us the tax cuts, has unemployment at an all-time low, is making NATO pay their fair share and is cutting regulations. And, by the way, North Korea has not launched a missile in eight months and we got three hostages back without paying for them.
    The hatred of President Trump and his family is disgraceful.
Mary Jane Bravi



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