LETTER: Big spending liberals should not gripe about election cost

To Ozaukee Press:

After reading last week’s insane Ozaukee Press editorial (“Conniving to make it harder to vote”), I feel compelled to reply.             

When I grew up, there were two ways to vote, absentee or on election day. Now, 40 years later, with all of the mass transportation available and a good majority of people having vehicles, there is ample time and opportunity to vote.

You complained of tax dollars being used to move elections around, but you have no problem wasting money on a recall for a sitting governor who committed no act justifying recall.

You do not have a problem with using $100 million for a trolley that nobody will ride except the drunks from Water Street at night.

You liberals have no issues with ruining the life of a Supreme Court nominee who was guilty until proven innocent and you liberals have no issues with spending taxpayer money on frivolous lawsuits.

There are three branches of state government, the governor, the Supreme Court and the Legislature.

All three of these branches share equal power and this is called what you liberals like to say is democracy.

Remember when Gov. Jim Doyle used all of the tobacco settlement money to cover his budget?

It seems you liberals have extremely short memories.

Unless you would like Wisconsin to become Illinois with violent offenders roaming the streets, I’m perfectly fine with the Legislature making assurances that those insane things do not happen.

As your friend Barack Obama once said, elections have consequences, get over it.

Timothy Job

Editor’s comment: We welcome the letter writer’s response to the editorial that criticized the lame-duck Legislature’s proposals to limit early voting and hold an additional 2020 election at great cost to taxpayers. However, it should be noted that the editorial did not address the recall election, Milwaukee’s street car or the U.S. Supreme Court justice nomination, nor have any past Ozaukee Press editorials dealt with these issues.


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