LETTER: Because of neglected upkeep, trail unsafe for bicycle riding

A cyclist pedaled through the northern reaches of the Ozaukee Interurban Trail, bordered by farm


To Ozaukee Press:

Since 2002, the Ozaukee Interurban Trail has been featured as a countywide attraction for residents and tourists. It is widely promoted in county and city advertising as a bicycle trail.

Unfortunately, it has become dangerous to ride a bicycle on the trail. The trail is littered with hazards, such as bone-jarring cracks overgrown by weeds across the trail, cracks running the length of the trail that will turn your bicycle wheels into pretzels and my personal favorite—camouflaged potholes. These craters are waiting to catapult unsuspecting riders off of their bicycles.

These hazards make this an uncomfortable and dangerous trail to ride on. I know plenty of riders who now avoid riding the trail because of how rough and dangerous it is.

I sent an email to the Ozaukee County Planning and Parks Department asking about the allocation of money for maintenance of the Interurban Trail and who is responsible for it.

I did not receive any reply.

The Ozaukee County website says they are “pursuing funding for repaving.” Does this mean they built the trail and did not budget anything for maintenance? Don’t we pay taxes for the upkeep of our county facilities?

Ozaukee County is one of the wealthiest, if not the wealthiest, counties in Wisconsin. Yet we cannot afford to pay for upkeep of one of the crown jewels as promoted throughout county and city advertising?

I, for one, would be in favor of a county tax for maintenance of the Ozaukee

Interurban Trail, as long as it was clearly earmarked for such and could not be used for any other project.

Isn’t it time we make the trail safe to ride on again?

Karl Wildner

Port Washington


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