LETTER: The ‘little boys’ (incumbents) cooked up scheme to foil girls

To Ozaukee Press:

It’s hilarious that the League of Women Voters is so threatening to the three local incumbent state Wisconsin Assemblymen that they are refusing to appear at a League-sponsored forum with their competent female challengers.

At League forums, it is the attending public who fill out three-by-five cards with questions for the candidates. Basically, what the women in the organization do is arrange for a public room, put out a public notice of the event and read the questions from the cards that night. It’s nonpartisan and democratic. What’s up with these guys, Ott, Brooks and Knodl?

Normally, a forum would be between the two candidates in each district—three forums. The incumbents want all six
participants at once—less time for each to answer questions specific to the residents of their district. They’re acting like little boys in a schoolyard cooking up a scheme to stick together in foiling “the girls.” I can almost hear them cackling.

I understand why they are afraid. For once, all three have challengers in districts which their party unfairly gerrymandered. And these women are skilled and educated, bright women who are knowledgeable and express their thoughts well. Two are military veterans. The candidates are Chris Rahlf, District 60; Emily Siegrist, District 24; and Liz Sumner, District 23.

The League of Women Voters was formed in 1920, the same year women voted for the first time. Any research of  the League shows they are about informing people of when and where to vote and who and what are on the ballot. There is nothing sinister about them. The first thing you see on their website is “Empowering Voters” and “Defending Democracy.”

These men’s complaints are a smokescreen for keeping the “ol’ boys” in power—nothing “good” about it. One of them, Rob Brooks, was recently asked to resign by his own party’s Republican governor because of what he said to three Republican Assemblywomen.

In 2018, enlightened men and women, especially the younger voters aren’t buying this sort of unprofessional behavior. Please vote Nov. 6.

Joanne Kaus



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