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Warriors ride Wolff’s sharp touch in romp PDF Print E-mail
Written by DEBBIE HAMM   
Wednesday, 11 September 2013 17:49

Bolstered by junior’s four touchdown passes, Ozaukee steamrolls Washington, 65-38

A breakout game by quarterback Jacob Wolff helped spark the Ozaukee High School football team to a 65-38 win over Milwaukee Washington in a nonconference battle last Friday.

Wolff, a junior, completed six of eight passes for a career-high 228 yards and four touchdowns as the host Warriors exploded for 50 first-half points.

“Jake is really turning into a good quarterback. He had a nice week and some really nice passes,” Ozaukee coach Jim Lippe said.

“We did a good job executing our offense. We scored on our first eight possessions, including all seven in the first half.

“(Assistant coach) Rick Hughes did a good job calling the game.”

A high-scoring first quarter provided a sign of things to come, with Ozaukee putting up three touchdowns and Washington getting two.

Four of the Warriors’ first five scores came on pass plays of 30 or more yards

Wolff threw three touchdown strikes to wide receiver Collin Stageman, a junior who finished the night with 141 yards on just four catches.

After Wolff and Stageman combined on scoring tosses of 44 and 54 yards, Cole Large’s 4-yard touchdown run put Ozaukee ahead, 20-14.

Washington’s points came on a pair of 4-yard touchdown runs by Mark Woodley.

The offensive fireworks continued in the second period when Ozaukee outscored the Generals, 30-16.

Wolff connected through the air again, this time on touchdown passes of 45 yards to Michael Richter and 30 yards to Stageman. Sophomore halfback Nick Wojciechowski added scoring runs of two and five yards, with the latter touchdown giving Ozaukee a 50-30 halftime lead.

Washington had a 60-yard touchdown scamper from standout quarterback A’Maru King and an 80-yard kickoff return for a score by Elliott Stokes.

In the second half, the Warriors ended any thought of a Washington comeback by tacking on two touchdown runs by Kevin Beckmann. The senior scored on a 3-yard run in the third quarter and a 5-yard run in the final period.

Washington capped the scoring with a safety with just 26 seconds left in the game.

The Warriors, who improved to 3-0,  gained 502 yards against an overmatched defense, including 274 on the ground. Wojciechowski led the rushing game with 173 yards on 19 carries.

Washington kept things interesting with the talents of King, who finished with 232 yards on 25 carries.

Lippe praised the defensive play of  linemen Jake Saltzman and Cody Stageman. Richter, Tony Street and Collin Hughes each had an interception for the Warriors.

The game, which was riddled with penalties, lasted nearly three hours.

Washington was flagged 16 times for 110 yards, and Ozaukee had seven penalties for 65 yards.

This Friday, Ozaukee will continue nonconference play by hosting Milwaukee Bay View at 7 p.m.

Image Information: KEVIN BECKMANN stepped over a fallen Milwaukee Washington defender during Ozaukee’s nonconference win Friday.       Photo by Sam Arendt

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