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Port Washington

City stands firm on sidewalk assessments PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 July 2013 17:38

Port aldermen agree to charge residents on Parknoll Lane, Seven Hills Road for installation despite protests

    Port Washington aldermen on Monday moved ahead with plans to assess residents of Parknoll Lane and Seven Hills Road for sidewalk that will be installed in front of their homes as part of road reconstruction projects this summer.

    However, aldermen agreed not to install sidewalk along a portion of Second Avenue where the street is not being rebuilt.

    The decision follows the city’s policy to install sidewalk in places where there is none when the street is being reconstructed, City Administrator Mark Grams told aldermen Monday.
  “Only a portion of Second Avenue is being reconstructed at this time,” he said. “When we do put the rest of the street in, we should add it.”

    But on Parknoll Lane the street is being rebuilt and thus the city should install sidewalk, Grams said.

    “When there is no sidewalk on a street being reconstructed, it’s our policy to add sidewalk,” he said.

    There is sidewalk on a portion of the street, he said, but it abruptly stops.

    “Since you have a dead-end sidewalk, it does make sense to extend the sidewalk (north) to Seven Hills Road,” Grams said.

    The sidewalk assessments have been controversial as residents from both areas appeared before the Common Council during a public hearing last month to ask that the walkways be eliminated from street construction plans.

    Although about 20 of these residents attended Monday’s meeting, there was no time allotted on the agenda for public comment.

    That’s standard with special meetings, Grams said Tuesday, although he said officials frequently allow the public time to comment.

    Two residents — Karen Makoutz of 1924 Parknoll La. and John Poull, president of the Birchwood Hills Condominium Association — distributed letters to aldermen opposing the sidewalk before the meeting.

    Poull said after the meeting he was “totally disappointed” with the decision.

    “There’s a lot of people who were spitting mad,” he said of the crowd. “This is a piece of property that really doesn’t need a sidewalk.”

    Many residents argued at the public hearing that the sidewalk is unnecessary, noting people in the area use the Ozaukee Interurban Trail that runs through their neighborhood, and would exacerbate drainage issues that already exist.

    Poull said in his letter that the association has spent more than $41,000 on drainage issues, adding he fears the situation will only get worse with the installation of sidewalks.

    “It’s going to be a mess,” he predicted.

    The association had proposed that the city install sidewalk only on the east side of the road, noting its members would be willing to split the cost with property owners on that side of the street, he said.

    They also suggested building a walkway that would link Parknoll Lane with the bike trail, saying this would better serve residents.

    Although some concerns were expressed about the possibility of trees needing to be removed for the new sidewalk, Public Works Director Rob Vanden Noven said the city can accommodate virtually all of them, with potentially one or two exceptions, if residents grant the city temporary easements to grade behind the walkway.

    “Any tree we remove we will replace,” he said, adding that more trees will be planted in spring along that stretch of road.

    Similarly, Vanden Noven said, the city needs temporary easements for grading to pitch the sidewalk toward the street to help ease drainage concerns.

    Ald. Mike Ehrlich said he struggled with the issue, noting he received an almost equal number of calls from people in favor of the walkways and opposed to them.

    “I’m kind of torn,” he said. “I do like the fact Rob is confident we can help with the drainage, and we can add trees.”

    Sidewalks will also help improve safety in an area where motorists often speed, Ehrlich added.

    “By adding sidewalks, you do add safety,” he said. “If I had my way, we would be narrowing all the streets to slow down traffic.”

Thieves target unlocked vehicles in Port PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ozaukee Press   
Wednesday, 26 June 2013 18:44

A 70-year-old Port Washington man reported to police Saturday that approximately $300 in cash was taken from his unlocked vehicle while it was parked in the driveway of his house in the 1500 block of Scott Road overnight.

    It was the most recent incident in which thieves and vandals have targeted unlocked vehicles.

    Roughly a half-dozen incidents of thefts from vehicles have been reported in June, Police Chief Kevin Hingiss said.

    “I would like to stop this before it gets worse,” he said. “The best way for people to avoid this is to lock their cars at night or, at the very least, make sure there are no valuables left in the car.”

    In some cases, Hingiss said, thieves have used unlocked side garage doors to access vehicles during the night.

    On June 18, a 43-year-old woman reported that someone entered a vehicle parked overnight at her house in the 400 block of Grand Avenue. Items from the vehicle were strewn in the street, but nothing was taken, she said.  

    Two years ago, the city was hit with a spate of thefts from unlocked vehicles during the summer months. Thieves took everything from small electronics to sunglasses and spare change in more than 30 cases reported from May to September 2011.

    In other police news:
    •  A group of young adults were warned by police after they were reported to be on the roof of the Ozaukee County Administration Center, 121 W. Main St.
    They told police they were participating in parkour, a free-walking activity in which people try to move with maximum efficiency while negotiating obstacles.

    The officer told the youths that if they don’t own the property, they should stay off.

    • Police received a call at 10:45 a.m. June 16 from a person locked in the bathroom on the north side of Old Theatre Square, 116 W. Grand Ave. The handle to the room was apparently broken, and there was no one else in the building to help, the person told police.
   Officers brought in a carpenter to remove the handle and trim and free the caller.

Back to class for summer starts Monday PDF Print E-mail
Written by BILL SCHANEN IV   
Wednesday, 19 June 2013 18:05

More than 1,200 students in Port-Saukville district will participate in dozens of enrichment, remedial courses

    It’s back to school Monday for more than 1,200 students in the Port Washington-Saukville School District for whom going to school in summer is as normal as attending classes during the regular school year.

    The five-week kindergarten through eighth-grade summer school program is comprehensive to say the least, offering 65 enrichment courses ranging from math, science and reading to fishing, in-line skating and cooking.

    Organized and taught by a 110-person staff at Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Lincoln Elementary School, the summer program also offers a host of special education and remedial classes.

    “We’ve had schools try to replicate our program because there just aren’t many like it, not only in the state but in the nation,” Middle School Principal Arlan Galarowicz, who oversees the summer program, said.

    New offerings this year include Tri-Kids, a course that trains children in second through eighth grades to compete in triathlons, yoga, print-making and News in View, a course that teaches students how to make a news broadcast.

    Among the most popular established classes are nature science, engineering, Music in Motion, Spanish, gardening and Managing Middle School, a course that introduces incoming fifth-graders to the middle school routine.

    “Math has also become quite popular because of the technology we’re using,” Galarowicz said.

    At Port Washington High School, summer school classes began June 17. About 225 students are taking at least one summer course, Assistant Principal Dave Bernander, who oversees the program, said.

    Although high school offerings have traditionally focused on remedial education, the summer program offers a number of preparatory classes for advanced placement courses, as well as introductions to engineering and the DECA marketing and business program.

    An increasingly attractive option for students is taking a gym class for credit during the summer to help fulfill their phy-ed requirement.

    “That allows students room in their regular school schedule to take another AP (advanced placement) class or music,” Bernander said.

    One of the most significant advantages of a comprehensive summer school program is that it gives both educators and students the opportunity to experiment, Galarowicz said.

    Two years ago, the middle school tested an individual learning, computer-based math program in summer that was so successful it was used during the school year and laid the groundwork for a technology initiative that will be launched in September.

    “We’ve also been able to use summer school classes to boost the confidence and enthusiasm of kids in subjects like math, and if we can do that, we’ve certainly accomplished something,” Galarowicz said. “I had two girls who at the start of summer school said, ‘We hate math.’ Five weeks later, not only had their test scores increased tremendously, they said math was their favorite subject.”

    Port-Saukville summer school owes its success, in part, to its more than 40-year history. Started as a small undertaking at a time when districts could afford the up-front costs, it grew steadily into a program that administrators say is the envy of other school systems.

    “I remember state officials coming to observe the program because it was such an exemplary summer school model,” said retired administrator Joe Groh, who in 1966 was assigned to run the fledgling program started in one of the buildings that is now part of the high school.

    “There was no air conditioning, so it was unbearably hot. But when the middle school, which had air conditioning, opened in 1968, we were able to start adding more enrichment classes, and it just took off.”

    By the time he retired in 1993, Groh said, summer school was extremely popular.

    “There were a few people who always said it was nothing more than a baby-sitting service,” he said. “Call it what you want. The fact is, kids are coming to school in summer with smiles on their faces and they’re learning instead of sitting in front of the TV.”

    A list of summer school bus routes is on page 5C of this week’s Ozaukee Press.

School budget upgrades security, technology PDF Print E-mail
Written by BILL SCHANEN IV   
Wednesday, 12 June 2013 17:20

Port-Saukville board OKs preliminary spending plan that includes funds for initiatives and addresses deficit

    The Port Washington-Saukville School Board approved a preliminary 2013-14 budget Monday that not only addresses a $570,000 deficit but includes funding for a host of initiatives.

    Among the new programs funded at least in part by the spending plan, which was the subject of a public hearing prior to the board vote, are school security improvements, a new high school Project Lead the Way biomedical engineering class, an additional technology education teacher, 1,754 iPads and Chromebooks — one for every middle and high school student in the district — and on-going energy-saving capital improvement projects.

    “Despite being a challenging budget, we’ve found a way to add a tech-ed teacher, include start-up costs of the Project Lead the Way program and provide funding for electronic devices for students,” Supt. Michael Weber said.

    The budget appeared far more challenging in April when administrators predicted the district would face the largest structural deficit it has seen in years, in large part because Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed 2013-15 state budget seeks to keep the revenue cap for general school district operations — the amount of money schools can collect in state aid and local property taxes — flat for two years.

    Two months later, the district unveiled a plan that combines reductions in costs such as utilities and health insurance with staffing changes that administrators said won’t affect core programs.

    A significant factor was a reduction of nearly half of a projected 10% Humana health insurance increase that will save about $100,000.

    The district also expects to realize an estimated $75,000 in energy savings.

    In terms of staffing, the board does not plan to fill a vacant elementary school teaching position, as well as several part-time positions that equal another full-time teaching position.

    Staffing for less-popular extracurricular activities will also be reduced, as will funding for overload classes — additional sections of courses added due to demand — at the high school.

    In addition, the district will not fill a math consultant position or contract for those services resulting in a savings of about $45,000, Weber said. Administrators didn’t find a candidate to fill the position, so the money budgeted was used to pay for consultant services this school year.

    Also helping to balance the budget is a little more room under the district’s revenue limit granted by the state because of declining enrollment.

    “Overall, it’s a pretty positive picture,” Director of Business Services Jim Froemming said. “But this is very, very preliminary. Things always change between now and October.”

    October is when the board approves the final budget and tax levy, and until then the exact amount of money the district has to spend and the tax implications won’t be known.

    Administrators described the preliminary budget as a worst-case scenario and expect it will improve. If they are correct, the district will revise the budget by first reconsidering staffing decisions, Weber said.

    What is not likely to change is the district’s commitment to new programs, which would be funded through a number of sources in the budget.

    The school security initiative, which involves improvements at each of the elementary schools, including a remodeling project at Lincoln Elementary School, is to be funded with about $200,000 from the fund equity, the district’s saving account.

    Another $25,000 from the fund equity account will be used to pay for start-up costs associated with the Project Lead the Way biomedical engineering course.

    At the end of this month, the district will have a fund equity balance of $4.8 million — roughly 15% of its general operating budget, Froemming said.

    Most of the money for the purchase of student iPads and Chromebooks — part of a $1 million technology initiative — is coming from a federal grant and was included in this school year’s budget. Some funding for the program, including proceeds from a proposed increase in the student technology fee, is included in the 2013-14 budget.

    The $1.8 million energy-saving initiative, which includes projects ranging from the replacement of boilers to the installation of high-efficiency lights in district buildings, will cost the district about $195,000 a year in annual loan payments through the 2021-22 school year.

    The district invested $400,000 from fund equity in the project and borrowed the balance last year. The debt is not controlled by the revenue limits, which means the district can increase its property tax levy to pay it.

    With the proposed state budget in flux and without property value calculations, the district’s tax predictions are an educated guess, administrators said.

    As it stands now, the district is predicting a 0.2% increase in the property tax levy and rate. Theoretically, that would increase the average school tax bill by $4 or $5.

Canine complaints continue to dog town PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 05 June 2013 17:17

Port officials consider new regulations after residents say man has failed to stop animals from barking, running at large

     Complaints continued against a Town of Port Washington man whose dogs bark incessantly and run uncontrolled through the area.

    Dog owner Rick Goebel was recently been cited by the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Department for having a dog at large and for having a barking dog that causes a disturbance, according to court records.

    And Monday, Gerald Wiskow of 2091 Lower Ridge Rd. told the Port Washington Town Board he has been bothered by Goebel’s dogs for years.

    “I’m behind anything you can do to help alleviate the situation,” Wiskow said. “My yard’s small, but they manage to find it.”

    He’s particularly annoyed by the barking, which continues for a significant amount of time, Wiskow said.

    Just days after a recent Ozaukee Press article about neighbors’ complaints about the dogs, Wiskow said, the animals were running loose in a field behind his house during the afternoon.

    “I don’t think they just happened to get free,” he said.

    Town Attorney Steve Cain, who wrote to Goebel last September about dog-related complaints lodged against him, sent him another letter after neighbors asked for help in dealing with the problem last month.

    “It has become apparent that you have failed to rectify the issues outlined in my last correspondence,” Cain wrote. “The town’s concerns demand immediate attention.”

    Cain also asked Goebel to address complains of rubbish and junked vehicles on his property.

    In reply, Goebel said he generally tends his dogs between 9 and 10 p.m. to try and avoid disturbing neighbors.

    “I do not feel my animals are causing a noise disturbance,” he wrote.

    “I have an electronic kennel silencer that goes off at any loud noise. All of my neighbors who have been here with me the 22 years I have lived here have no problem with my dogs.”

    Goebel, who said he has been breeding English pointer hunting dogs for the past 15 years, said in his letter that he would build a higher fence on his property, and asked for 30 days to complete the work.

    He would also try to dispose of a couch left outdoors, Goebel said, adding he does not have junked vehicles in his yard.

    Town officials Monday noted that Cain is looking at potential regulations for dog breeders and limits on the number of animals housed in residential areas, while planners are also looking at the concept of requiring a conditional use permit for dog breeders operating in residential areas.

    They noted that they have fielded complaints about Goebel’s dogs for some time.

    Last month, a group of neighbors asked the Town Board for help in dealing with the animals, which they say have made it impossible for them to enjoy their homes and yards.

    Some said they are afraid to let their own pets outside for fear Goebel’s animals — he has as many as 14, they said — will attack them, while others said their children are afraid of the animals.

    Goebel and one of the neighbors got into a verbal argument about the issue while dropping refuse off at the town dumpster recently, officials said.

    “There were a lot of exclamation points and bad words used,” Town Chairman Jim Melichar said. The dump superintendent asked Goebel to leave, he said, adding both Goebel and the neighbor returned later to apologize.  

    Officials said that Goebel had been cited in the past, but he has pleaded not guilty and, when no one has shown up at pre-trial hearings to complain about the animals, the judge has dismissed the tickets.

    Goebel has recently been issued four citations from the Sheriff’s Department — on May 21 for having a dog at large and on April 3, May 21 and May 30 for having a barking dog causing a disturbance, according to court records.

    A July 8 trial date has been set in connection with the April 3 ticket, according to court records, while hearings are pending on the other cases. Each ticket carries a maximum fine of $162.70.

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