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Port Washington

City poised to hire firm for senior center study PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 February 2015 18:46

Port council wants needs assessment to help determine fate of facility that some officials want closed

Port Washington aldermen were expected on Wednesday to hire a company to conduct a needs assessment that will help determine the fate of the senior center.

Two companies have submitted proposals to conduct the study, which is expected to cost $13,000.

The need for the study became apparent when officials said the city will no longer provide a senior center facility when the lease to the current building expires in two years, but it will continue to offer services for older adults.

Even as the city takes the initial steps to eliminate the senior center, some seniors are letting officials know how important the facility is to them.

“I just want to express my happiness at having a senior center,” Bev Schleg, 1102 N. Stanford St., told the Common Council Feb. 3. “I like the trips. I go to exercise class there. I’m a member of the Chicks with Sticks.

“All the friends I have made there — I would be lost without my senior center.”

 The needs assessment, which is expected to gather information on what services seniors want from the city, is expected to poll people of all ages.

The Commission on Aging has recommended the city hire MSA Professional Services to conduct the assessment, which will include everything from the results of a senior services survey to a listing of senior services offered by other groups in the area.

 A summary of potential courses of action for the city will also be offered, along with the advantages, disadvantages and general feasibility of each.

 MSA estimated it will complete its report in July.

The Common Council agreed earlier this year to spend as much as $6,000 on the assessment, supplementing a $3,000 contribution from the Senior Center, $4,500 from the Friends of the Senior Center and $500 from the Green Felt Club.

The needs assessment will help officials determine what senior services are needed in the future as they grapple with the question of what the senior center will look like in the years to come.

 Officials have said a number of seniors are dissatisfied with the current center building on Foster Street, saying the parking is inconvenient and there are too many steps in the building.

The Commission on Aging last year created an ad hoc committee to look at the center’s needs and plan for the future knowing that the current center isn’t necessarily a long-term home for the facility.

“We need to gather evidence to help guide our decision,” Senior Center Director Catherine Kiener said earlier this year, noting the center is a quality-of-life issue for residents. “Hopefully this will draw everything together, the past and present and bring us into the future.”

Wastewater plant roofs may go green PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 February 2015 21:21

Vegetative system to repair three buildings, improve lakefront view recommended by Public Works Board 

    Port Washington may soon have its own version of Al Johnson’s green roof in Sister Bay — this on the lakefront.

    The Board of Public Works on Tuesday voted to install a green roof on three of the buildings that make up the wastewater treatment plant.

    It’s a measure that members said would improve the lakefront view from Upper Lake Park while making a needed repair.

    The move will complement improvements to the walkway to the north beach that the city will make this spring, board members noted.

    “Given the location, I like the idea of it,” Ald. Mike Ehrlich, a member of the board, said. “It’s instant gratification. We’re talking about a significant visual impact.

    “And we’re already improving that area by improving the entrance to the beach.”

    Public Works Director Rob Vanden Noven said the concept of a green roof is something that’s been talked about for years.

    “The ball really got rolling because more and more comments are being made about how unfortunate it is that the plant is right on the lake,” he said. “We’re trying to blend the plant in as much as we can.

    “But as nice as the sedum roof is going to look, the two sludge storage tanks aren’t going to let people forget what’s there.”

    The three roofs that will have vegetative systems installed are the administrative and headworks buildings — the tallest on the site — and the UV building on the southeast end of the property. These are the buildings most visible from the park, members noted.

    The move for a green roof is also economic, board members noted.

    While it is a more expensive roofing option, the vegetative system is expected to increase the life of the roof by as much as 20 years, they said. It will also act as insulation and cut heating and cooling costs for the buildings.

    That savings alone could amount to $5,000 annually, Wastewater Supr. Dan Buehler said.

    The green roofing system that will be used incorporates pregrown mats of sedum, a fairly hardy plant that can tolerate drought and doesn’t need a deep bed of soil, said Erik Krumholz, a consultant with Tremco Roofing.

    “You’ll have kind of an instant, ‘Here it is’ effect,” he said, because the sedum is grown before the mats are installed.

    A root barrier is installed atop the roof system, then a drainage layer is added before the sedum mats are put into place, he said. Only four inches of soil is used in the system.

    An 18-inch walk system will be installed around the edges of the roofs.

    The system will hold one gallon of water per square foot during storms, eliminating that runoff, Krumholz said.

    Krumholz noted that a leak detection system is included in the roof, allowing any repairs to be made without disturbing much of the roof.

    There is a 20-year warranty on the roof and a three year warranty on the plants, he added.

    Krumholz said green roofing systems  have been around for decades but are becoming more popular, noting they have been installed at the Milwaukee Public Library and the Milwaukee Public Museum.

    The library’s 25,000-square-foot roof cost $900,000, or $36 per square foot, he said, and the museum’s 4,200-square-foot roof cost $256,000, or $60.95 per square foot.

    The estimated $170,000 cost of the three roofs in Port, which total 6,470 square feet, is about $26.26 per square foot, he said.

    The board recommended hiring Cudahy Roofing to do the work — which includes traditional roofing systems on the majority of the buildings at the plant as well as the three green roofs — at a cost of $482,000.

    Of that amount, $185,000 is for the green roof.

    A railing system will also be installed on the roofs. which will add about $40,000 to the contract.

    The Common Council is expected to act on the recommendation when it meets Wednesday, Feb. 18.

Port paves way for development of more land near lakeshore PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 04 February 2015 18:24

City to have bluff property appraised as plans for nearby vineyard project progress

    Port Washington is bracing for a lakefront building boom as officials begin the process to sell a prime piece of city-owned land off Highway C.

    The Common Council on Tuesday agreed to get a formal appraisal of the value of a roughly 44-acre parcel east of Highway C — the first step in marketing the land, which the city has eyed as an ideal site for a subdivision.

    City Administrator Mark Grams said two parties have approached the city about the property in recent months, prompting aldermen to seek the appraisal.

    That move comes just weeks after the city approved the concept plan for Cedar Vineyard, which calls for 73 home sites, a vineyard and winery and a 100-acre preserve farther south on Highway C.

    The city is expected to begin work on a tax-incremental financing district that would facilitate that development next month, Grams said.

    “It’s really an exciting time,” Mayor Tom Mlada said.

    Tuesday’s Common Council discussion revolved around the 44-acre site, which the city acquired as part of a sweeping agreement in which officials agreed to back the conversion of the We Energies power plant from coal to natural gas.

    The city had sought cost estimates from two appraisers for an appraisal of the property, but only one offered a price of between $500 and $1,000.

    The other, Peter Didier of Re/Max United, offered an estimated value of the bluff land of between $2 million and $2.5 million, Grams said.

    Both appraisers noted that setting a value for the land would be difficult because there are few comparables in the area, he added.

    In a letter to the city, Didier noted that the property has about 2,300 feet of lake frontage that would allow the development of 23 100-foot-wide lots, similar to those on Noridge Trail. Those lots, he said, were selling in the $300,000 range before the recession but now sell in the low $200,000 range.

    The average sale price for a lot on the city land is likely to be $300,000, Didier said, noting the total value of the lots would then be $6.9 million.

    After development costs are subtracted, he came up with his valuation, Grams said.

    Ald. Bill Driscoll said he did not believe a formal appraisal was needed.

    “I think what we’ve been given from Pete is as good as we’re going to get,” he said. “I can’t imagine we’re going to get anything better by paying for it.”

    But Ald. Doug Biggs disagreed, saying a formal appraisal is necessary so the city can properly evaluate any offer for the land.

    “I think it’s important we have a good idea of the value of the land before making a final sale decision,” he said.  

    The city can agree to sell the land for less than the appraised price if the proposed development offers other benefits to the community.

    City Atty. Eric Eberhardt agreed an appraisal is needed, saying, “I don’t know how you can sell a car, a boat or a multi-million-dollar piece of property without knowing what it’s worth.

    “Do it — that’s all I’m saying. It’s public property and you want to get it right. You don’t want to be surprised later.”

    Aldermen agreed to get a formal appraisal, saying it is needed so any offers the city receives can be weighed against it.

    When asked if any offers for the property are imminent, Grams said, “That might be a little strong. Is there interest in the property? Yes.”

    Grams said the city has been approached by two parties — one in the last six months and the other in the last month — to discuss the parcel. The two have different concepts for the land that combine business and residential uses, he said.

    The proposals would complement the Cedar Vineyard development, Grams said.

    The Cedar Vineyard proposal is likely to spur more interest in the city’s land, Mlada said.

    “It’s really outstanding land,” he said. “I think some of what we’re doing with Cedar Vineyard is setting the stage for it.

    “You don’t want somebody to say, ‘How many units can we jam in there.’ I think we’re setting the standards. Developers know we’re looking for the right kind of development in terms of density. Connectivity to downtown is a long-term goal. It would be great to have some public access along the bluff and beach.”

    The city hasn’t yet talked about how it wants to sell the land, whether to put it out for bids or seek a request for proposals from developers, Mlada added.

    “We’re just in the exploring mode right now,” he said.

    Any development on the city-owned land would likely add significantly to the tax base, but it probably wouldn’t be included in the TIF that’s expected to be created for the Cedar Vineyard development, officials said.

    In a TIF district, increased taxes that result from new development are used to pay for infrastructure costs, such as the extension of sewer and water to the Cedar Vineyard development.

    A preliminary analysis of the proposed TIF district is expected to be presented to the council when it meets Wednesday, Feb. 18, Grams said, with a formal report ready for action on March 3.

    If the council accepts the report and moves ahead with the district, a TIF committee that includes representatives of the city, Ozaukee County, Port Washington-Saukville School District and Milwaukee Area Technical College, as well as an at-large member, would be created, Grams said.

    The TIF district would need to be approved by the committee before it is implemented, he said, adding that the process of creating a TIF district takes about three months.

Longtime Food Pantry director resigns amid health scare PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 January 2015 20:21

Joy Dreier steps down to recover, shocking volunteers who are working to keep Port organization running

    Joy Dreier, who has served as administrator of the Port Washington Food Pantry for much of its existence, resigned from her post last week.

    “It shocked a lot of people,” her husband Bob said of her sudden resignation, which he said was prompted by health concerns.

    Joy Dreier was stricken with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) while visiting family in Florida two weeks ago, her husband said.

    Just two days after she arrived in Naples, Mrs. Dreier woke up to find she had no strength, he said.

    “She couldn’t stand up,” he said. “She had no feeling in her hands or feet, no strength, no nothing.”

    Mrs. Dreier went to a clinic for tests, then was taken to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with CIDP, her husband said.

    “She’s doing really well,” he said Monday. “She feels stronger. She has feeling back in her hands. She’s walking with a walker.”

    Her spirits, he said, are good.

    “She’s so jovial on the phone,” Mr. Dreier said.

    But, he said, it will take some time for his wife to fully recover, and for that reason she resigned from the Food Pantry.

    “She said, ‘I still want to stay with the Food Pantry, but I won’t be able to do everything I have been,’” said her husband, who is the president of the Food Pantry Board of Directors.

    Longtime volunteer Cathy Schowalter is taking over in her place until the board appoints a new director, Mr. Dreier said.

    In the meantime, the staff is busy transferring Mrs. Dreier’s records for the pantry onto a computer, he said.

    “Joy kept everything by hand on 4-by-6 cards,” he said. “She’s telling me where everything is.”

    Whoever takes Mrs. Dreier’s place “will have big shoes to fill, or rather a big heart,” Schowalter said. “She’s an amazing administrator and truly a great example and inspiration to the many volunteers who make the Food Pantry run week by week.”

    The clients of the pantry find themselves in difficult circumstances, she added, “and Mrs. Dreier makes sure everyone is treated with compassion and respect.”

    Mrs. Dreier has been with the Food Pantry since 1982 and has become its public face, working to drum up support when needed and to draw attention to the problems of people in need in Ozaukee County.

    While the pantry is only open on Tuesdays, Mrs. Dreier handled its business seven days a week, Schowalter said, doing everything from ordering supplies to appearing before community groups to raise awareness.

    The Food Pantry has about 50 active volunteers and a waiting list of those who want to help, Mr. Dreier said, adding none of the staff is paid.

    The organization, which is supported by 14 area churches, helps about 160 families a week, he said, although the number varies significantly depending on the time of year.

    It could be March before a new administrator is named, Mr. Dreier said.

    But Mrs. Dreier, who is out of the hospital and in a rehabilitation center, is expected to return to Port Washington on Friday night. The couple’s daughter Sandra Dreier flew to Florida on Wednesday and will accompany her mother home.

    Her prospects for recovery are good, her husband said. Generally, if CIDP is caught within seven days, the prognosis is good, he said, and Mrs. Dreier was diagnosed in five days.

    “Every day she’s getting better and better,” he said.

Image information: PORT WASHINGTON Food Pantry Administrator Joy Dreier packed boxes of food in 2008.    Press file photo

Work starts on request for lakefront land proposals PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 January 2015 20:15

Port CDA begins preparing document city will use to market property even as group continues to fight sale

    The process of seeking development proposals for city-owned lakefront land took a slow step forward Monday as the Port Washington Community Development Authority debated what it would look for  in a plan.

    Members examined requests for proposals for development projects from several communities, trying to pick and choose items that are most important to them.

    “You’re not going to reinvent the wheel,” said Randy Tetzlaff, the city’s director of planning and development. “But it’s important for you to tell people your expectations and how you will make your decision.”

    But even as the city moved forward with a controversial plan to sell the parking lot at the end of the north slip, a petition circulated by Citizens for a Clearer View of the Harbor, which hopes to head off development of the public lakefront land, and signed by more than 400 people who don’t want the property sold, was presented by Pat Wilborn.

    Wilborn asked officials if the fact that so many people don’t want to see the lot developed would be included in the request for proposals, saying a developer should be aware of the opposition before making a commitment.

    He also asked how a development would fit in with the city’s vision for the lakefront, which he said has not been articulated, and asked how much money the city would ask for the land.    

    “Is it worth $100,000, $300,000, $600,000?” he asked. “Have you done an appraisal?”

    That is one item the CDA considered when talking about what to include in the request for proposals, though no decision was made.

    The city needs to decide whether it will list a sale price, a minimum price or simply let the developer make an offer, Tetzlaff said.

    “A lot of communities give the property away because they want the development,” he added.

    The city could also consider leasing the land over a long term, Tetzlaff said.

    To develop a price, the city would seek an appraisal of the property, he said.

    The city would also likely seek information on what assistance a developer might want from the community, Tetzlaff said.

    Ald. Mike Ehrlich, a member of the CDA, said he would like to see the Main Street Design Committee’s plans for the area — which are still being developed — included in the packet, as well as the city’s development standards.

    The city won’t just be looking for the high bidder when it sells the property, officials stressed.

    “The highest bid isn’t necessarily what’s important,” Ehrlich said. “It’s the use and the return we will get.”

    CDA member Bill Prince concurred, adding, “The emphasis is on getting it right.”

    Other information sought in development proposals often includes background on the developer, including his experience, as well as financial and marketing proposals, Tetzlaff said.

    CDA member Jason Wittek suggested the city also seek a design schematic, saying it will help officials judge how a plan will fit with the downtown.

    The city needs to include such things as a site description, photos and maps of the area, what’s permitted in the zoning code and a statement about what it wants to see done with the parking lot, Tetzlaff said.

    That statement would include the city’s desire that any development become a destination for residents and tourists, he said.

    It should also include the fact that the city wants the development to maintain access to the harborwalk, to be relatively open and to maintain some open areas on the water sideof the parcel while allowing a connection to the shopping center to the west, Tetzlaff said.

    Mayor Tom Mlada said a long-term business model should be submitted with the proposal to help officials judge the viability of the plan.

     “We don’t want to have an empty building in five years,” he said. “It has to fit with Port Washington. It should be unique, so it can demonstrate it will pull people into downtown.”

    Mlada said the city also needs to look for a plan that will be implemented quickly.

    That’s important, he said, because city officials want the development to be “catalytic.”

    “If we move that down the line five years, we’ve missed that opportunity,” he said.

    CDA members were asked to list what items they want included in a request for proposals before the group’s February meeting. At that meeting, those lists will be reviewed and used to compile a draft request for proposals that will be considered by the CDA in March.

    It will then be considered by the Common Council before going out to potential developers in April.

    CDA members agreed that developers would likely have at least 90 days to submit proposals, which could then be reviewed by the CDA in July.

    The Plan Commission could review at the plan that same month, with the Common Council considering it after that time.

    The city reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, officials noted.

    “That may well happen,” Tetzlaff said, noting the city could then opt to seek new proposals or come up with some other concept for the property.

    If a proposal is accepted by the city, a developer’s agreement would need to be drafted before the sale is completed, Tetzlaff said.

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