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Port Washington

Revised lawn law softens crackdown on city parkways PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 July 2011 19:30

Ordinance tones down restrictions that had banned plantings in public areas

A revised lawn law that allows plantings in the parkway while still requiring properties to be maintained was approved Tuesday by the Port Washington Common Council.

The three-page ordinance not only accomplishes the city’s original intent of cracking down on unkempt lawns but also gets rid of a clause in the existing law requiring parkways to be
planted only with grass.

The new ordinance also allows hillsides, ravines and bluffs to be kept natural, noting that in these areas the plantings typically serve to control erosion.

City Administrator Mark Grams referred to the ordinance as a scaled down version of a draft presented a month ago, noting he and City Attorney Eric Eberhardt “pared it down to focus on
the issues that need to be addressed.”

The original intent, he said, was to make it easier for the city to crack down on property owners who allow their yards to grow unchecked.

The past ordinance did not allow the city to require a property owner to cut the lawn unless it was 12 inches long. The owner then had 10 days to mow.

The new ordinance shortens the allowable length to 8 inches and gives property owners five days to cut the grass.

While few people questioned this change in the ordinance, many were upset about the continued prohibition on plantings in the parkways.

Mary Enright, 126 S. Spring St., told aldermen Tuesday that she and others who have planted flowers in the parkways have done so to beautify their properties.

“The only thing that grows there are the dandelions because of the amount of salt (spread in winter),” she said. “I am caring for the plants I put there. I think it’s much better than the
dandelions that otherwise grow there.”

Grams said the former parkway law was in place “for umpteen years” and was never enforced, even when people landscaped the parkways.

“We let it go because nobody complained,” he said.

The ordinance approved Tuesday says that parkways “should be mowed and maintained as a lawn,” a change from the previous draft that said the areas “shall” be planted with grass.

“Shall imposes a duty,” Eberhardt explained. “Should implies a duty.”

The revised wording “strikes a nice balance,” he said.

“We felt that was the best way to give the city a little wiggle room if we get a complaint,” Grams added.

Ald. Paul Neumyer said the ordinance makes it clear that the city is “not going to track people down who have plantings in their parkways. We’re not coming out with weed-whackers and

Grams also noted that the city does not want to encourage every property owner to fill their parkway with shrubs or plants.

“I don’t think you want every parkway in the city to have flowers and large bushes,” he said. “Then it’s going to become a problem for people parking and trying to get out of their cars.”

Ald. Mike Ehrlich questioned whether the new language would give the ordinance enough teeth in case of problems, such as plantings in the parkway blocking the view of motorists.

Other portions of the city code address those issues, Grams said.

Ald. Jim Vollmar said he still believed the ordinance was too confusing.

“I really think this can be redone to be a much simpler ordinance,” he said, adding that the city should draw up a separate ordinance to deal with vacant properties.

But Ehrlich disagreed, saying, “Addressing just vacant homes doesn’t make sense.” Neglected homes also need to be regulated, he said.

Port paramedics to be on job Aug. 1 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 July 2011 17:33

State approval paves way for city ambulance crews to start providing advanced emergency service

Paramedics will begin answering ambulance calls in the City of Port Washington on Monday, Aug. 1.

Fire Chief Mark Mitchell said the State of Wisconsin approved the city’s request for paramedic status last week, giving the department a year to phase in a full-time program.

“This will be wonderful for the community and the entire area,” Mitchell told the Police and Fire Commission Monday night.

The Thiensville paramedic unit — the only other paramedic unit in Ozaukee County — has been “running ragged” answering calls throughout the area, he noted.

Mayor Scott Huebner hailed the news, saying it is good news for residents.

“It will enhance the quality of life here,” he said. “This service is very important to give residents faster, more advanced treatment in an emergency. People will get a higher quality medical service that will help save lives. That’s really great.

“For a small community like Port Washington to pull this off is terrific.”

The news that the department’s application has been approved was long-anticipated by the city.

The department began work on its application last spring, and originally hoped to receive approval in time to begin the service in January.

Mitchell said the department has guaranteed the state it will provide paramedic service from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, he said.

“We know we can do more than that,” Mitchell said, noting three of the four weekend ambulance crews include a paramedic.

Of the Port ambulance crew’s 26 members, four are paramedics. However, they have been unable to use their advanced skills because the department did not have paramedic status with the state.

The department has a list of nine or 10 other paramedics interested in working part time, and will begin interviewing them later this week, Mitchell said.

By the end of the year, he said, he hopes to be providing paramedic service around the clock.

The department will not immediately provide intercept service, where the paramedics meet other ambulances en route to the hospital to provide advanced care to patients, Mitchell said.

“We will have that in place by Jan. 1,” he said. “Or most likely sooner than that.”

The department already has the equipment and virtually all the drugs needed for the paramedic program, Mitchell said.

An area of the firehouse has been earmarked for use as sleeping and living quarters for the part-time paramedics, Mitchell said, noting that those interested in the job “come from all over the place, from the Green Bay area, Plymouth area, and mostly
the suburban Milwaukee area.”

The living quarters will be developed as needed.

The Common Council recently approved a new fee schedule that includes increased charges for the paramedic service, and approved paying paramedics $5 an hour while on-call and $20 an hour while they are responding to calls.

The increased fees are expected to cover the cost of the service.

Mitchell credited department members Maribeth Barbuch and Jim Riley with doing much of the work on the application, adding that the department worked with the Thiensville service in creating its plan.

“This will just enhance the level of pre-hospital care a person will get,” Mitchell said.

Both EMTs and paramedics provide significant care for patients, but paramedics are able to conduct more advanced procedures and administer many more medications, including those for pain and cardiac care.-

Get ready for a darker Spring Street PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 July 2011 17:59

Port council weighs cost savings vs. safety in deciding to turn off half the lights along south end of road on trial basis

South Spring Street in Port Washington, which has frequently been compared to an airport runway because of the intense lighting, will be darker soon.

Aldermen recently agreed to spend $640 to have We Energies turn off every other light between Portview Drive and Sunset Road. This will leave lights lit every 100 feet on alternating sides of the street, which officials said should provide plenty of light.

“It’ll be the same as Wisconsin Street,” Ald. Jim Vollmar said June 21.

Ald. Joe Dean, however, dissented, saying the city should temporarily turn off the lights to make sure the area isn’t too dim without them.

“I do also think a decision of this magnitude is a decision we’re going to live with for 40, 50 years,” he said. “We should take a look at it first and be sure it will be right.”

Earlier in June, the Board of Public Works recommended that the lights be temporarily turned off, an experiment designed to let officials know whether they can move nine of the lights to Lake Street without creating a dark corridor on Spring Street,

Although officials believe the street will still be adequately lit without the lights, board members said they want to be sure before making a permanent change.

“If we pull the poles, there’s no going back,” Board Chairman Craig Czarnecki said. “We should take a look at it and see what it’s going to look like and see if there’s a backlash before we do it for good.

“People may say, ‘That’s great. It’s not the landing strip it used to be.’ But let’s avoid a worst-case scenario. Let’s make sure.”

But Vollmar, a member of the board, was the lone committee member to vote against the recommendation, noting that many communities are shutting off half their lights after midnight or turning them off all together as a cost-saving measure.

On Tuesday, he made the motion to turn the lights off permanently.

“Just do it,” he told the Common Council on Tuesday. “Why would we pay $600 just to turn them off?”

The city has been pondering the change for more than a year, he noted.

Ald. Mike Ehrlich, who is also a member of the board, said it’s important that the city make sure Spring Street won’t be too dark without these lights.

“My concern is we do it and it’s a little too dark there,” Ehrlich said.

The cost of testing the lights would be $1,200 — $640 each to turn the lights on and off.

“I guarantee that if you do it, you’re going to get 50% of the people who like it and 50% who don’t,” Mayor Scott Huebner said.

Dean questioned the cost of turning out the lights.

“Why does it cost $640 to turn the lights off?” he asked. “Has anybody said politely (to We Energies) ‘Are you out of your mind?’ and asked them to do it for nothing?”

Officials had talked to the utility, which owns the lights, but were told there would be a cost, City Administrator Mark Grams said.

Dean said he hoped the city could persuade the utility to waive the cost.

The decision comes as the city plans the reconstruction of Lake Street for fall. Officials are considering removing half the lights from South Spring Street and using nine of them on Lake Street as a cost-saving measure.

The remainder of the lights could be used at the entrance to the coal dock, officials have said.

Moving the streetlights to Lake Street would cost $24,600, officials said, while installing new lights could cost $48,500.

Summer school with a smile PDF Print E-mail
Written by BILL SCHANEN IV   
Wednesday, 29 June 2011 18:25

PW-S program keeps students coming back, this year 1,100 strong

The two-week break from classes is over for the more than 1,100 children who returned to school Monday.

TUESDAY WAS JUST another tough day in class for Ryan Umhoefer and the other students in the Port-Washington-Saukville School District summer school fishing class. After organizing their gear, the students went outside to practice casting. They planned to fish in the Port harbor Wednesday.
                                       Photo by Sam Arendt
But this isn’t school in the conventional sense. This is Port Washington-Saukville School District summer school, where more than half the students in the district flock to Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Lincoln Elementary School every morning with smiles on their faces and fishing poles and musical instruments in their hands.

“What a tremendous sight it is to see all these students coming to school with smiles on their faces,” said Arlan Galarowicz, middle school principal and summer school coordinator. “Summer school is just a riot. I’d do it until I was 90 if they’d let me.”

One of the largest programs of its type in the state, the five-week Port-Saukville summer school is a massive undertaking that offers more than 80 courses ranging from classes that reinforce core subjects such as reading and math to enrichment offerings that range from fishing, gardening and band to knitting and cooking.

A staff of about 100 educators and helpers is hired to teach the courses, and a legion of older students are enlisted to guide children, some as young as 7, from class to class.

“We’ve been told we have one of the best summer programs in the country,” Galarowicz said. “I’d like to see one better.”

Nineteen years ago, Galarowicz inherited summer school from former middle school principal Joe Groh, whom he credits with laying the groundwork for the successful program. Since then, summer school has more than doubled in size in terms of both enrollment and class offerings.

It has become the thing for children to do in summer. Galarowicz calls it one part of an ideal summer schedule that gives kids a structured, productive start to their day and allows for plenty of free time in the afternoon. Classes run from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

“A lot of kids go to summer school, but what concerns me are the parents who say their kids don’t go because they sleep until noon,” Galarowicz said. “We can’t let our children sleep half their lives away, and what more powerful way to motivate kids than summer school.”

The courses may be varied, but they all are designed to teach, not merely to kill time. The benefits of extra help in subjects like math and reading are obvious, but even classes like fishing, gardening and knitting teach important life lessons, Galarowicz said.

Among some of the recently added classes are algebra readiness, card-making, Career Pathways, which teaches children about the education and training required for various jobs, Fitness and Healthy Eating, digital photography, Sewing and Design, weaving, engineering and Next Generation Math, a program that uses computer-based learning methods that Galarowicz hopes to use during the regular school year.

One of the recent success stories is gardening, a class that began with a relatively small number of students last year and was expanded this year because of its popularity. Administrators had to cut off enrollment at 100 students this summer.

Children in the class are in charge of planting and maintaining a large garden at the Harbor Campus senior living facility in Port Washington, then harvesting bushels of vegetables that they also learn how to cook.

“It teaches kids that food really doesn’t grow on the grocery store shelves,” Galarowicz said.

“Summer school classes prepare kids for the lives ahead of them in so many ways.”

Irked by weeds, officials to crack down on unkempt lawns PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 June 2011 17:49

Port Common Council considers ordinance that lowers maximum grass height, give scofflaws less time to comply

Port Washington officials on Tuesday took the first step to crack down on people who don’t care for their lawns.   

Aldermen reviewed a proposed six-page ordinance on the control of weeds, grasses, lawns and natural lawns that is intended to help keep neighborhoods looking neat and keep nuisances to a minimum.

The proposed ordinance was sought by the council after Mayor Scott Huebner and some residents complained about the number of unkempt lawns in the city.

One resident decried the fact that developers often prepare lots but, when they don’t sell, allow the grass to grow unchecked and weeds to take over. As the weeds go to
seed, they spread to neighboring properties.

In recent years, Huebner said, the number of people neglecting their yards has increased substantially, especially as foreclosures have increased. That’s because the banks that end up with title to the properties are less motivated to maintain them regularly than homeowners, he said.

The current law, which allows grass and weeds to reach 12 inches before the city can step in, doesn’t prevent problems, Huebner said.

So far this year, the city has sent out 10 letters to property owners who have not kept up their lawns, according to the Department of Public Works. Of those, five lawns were cut by the city and the property owner charged for the work and four by the owner. The deadline for mowing has not been reached for the other property.

Last year, the city sent out 34 letters for unkempt lawns during the same time frame, according to department records. 

The ordinance reviewed Tuesday is based on laws in the cities of Cedarburg and Appleton and Village of Germantown, City Attorney Eric Eberhardt said.

“The key to this ordinance is to classify the acts you don’t want to see as a public nuisance,” he said. “The ordinance makes it clear, it’s a duty to regularly mow.”

One of the keys to the ordinance, he said, is that lawns must be kept 8 inches or shorter, as compared to the current ordinance, which sets the maximum height at 12 inches.

Once a property owner is notified by the city that the lawn is too high, he would have five days to contest that ruling or cut the lawn, Eberhardt said. The current ordinance gives owners 10 days to comply.

If the homeowner doesn’t cut the lawn, the city could then go in and do the work, Eberhardt said. Not only would the city be able to charge for the cost of labor and equipment, inspection and administrative fees could also be charged.

“All of this is to gain compliance, but there’s a bit of a punitive aspect to it as well,” Eberhardt said, noting the hope is that it will deter property owners from becoming repeat offenders.

The proposed ordinance would require people with natural lawns to obtain a permit for them, Eberhardt said. To do so, property owners would need to present a plan for the lawn, including a list of the plants to be used and information on how it will be  maintained.

“They can keep these areas, but they must get a permit,” Eberhardt told aldermen. “Is that burdensome? Is that outrageous? That’s for you to decide.”

Ald. Jim Vollmar questioned how this would affect people who live along the bluff and ravine, noting many of them maintain their lawns but keep the hillsides natural.

Unless a permit is obtained for these areas, Eberhardt said, the homeowners would be in violation of the ordinance.

The proposed ordinance also prohibits planting anything but grasses in the parkway, but Ald. Paul Neumyer pointed out there are several property owners who have done extensive plantings in the parkways.

He asked if the existing plantings can be exempt so the property owners aren’t affected by the proposed ordinance.

“I know the properties you’re talking about, and they’re fantastic,” Eberhardt said. However, he said, the plantings would not be allowed under the ordinance, which is intended to be part of the building code.

If the city makes the ordinance part of the zoning code, he said, these could be allowed as nonconforming uses.

Ald. Joe Dean said the city should use common sense when applying the ordinance, using it when complaints are lodged rather than having workers write up any tall lawns they see.

“We’re not sending our weed commissioner out to inspect every property looking for a blade of grass taller than eight inches,” he said. “Are we going to be reasonable?”

But the ordinance’s length and complexity had some aldermen questioning it.

“The mayor was just looking for people to cut their grass,” Ald. Dan Becker said. “Are we getting a little too complicated?

“Maybe it can’t be that simple today. We’re dealing with foreclosures. And it’s affecting people in our community.”

Eberhardt said the city’s current ordinance is not only brief but lacking in many ways.

For example, he said, the existing ordinance refers to natural lawns but “there is nothing that would give you teeth to deal with them.”

“This is a far better ordinance than what’s on the books now,” he said. “I think it’s a good ordinance.”

Aldermen are expected to tweak the ordinance when they give it a final review on  Tuesday, July 19.

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