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Written by MITCH MAERSCH   
Wednesday, 07 February 2018 18:07

Former tool and die designer Laura Kaye of Port Washington turned her life around with a diet of natural food and in the process found a new career as a holistic health coach who helps others do the same

Laura Kaye used to be a typical overweight person.
The Port Washington resident tried all kinds of different diets with virtually no success. She was always hungry and ran out of Weight Watchers points at 3 p.m. She had digestive issues and was sluggish despite drinking half a pot of coffee per day.
Kaye tried intense exercise and lost weight, but eating until she was full brought it all back to the 200-pound range.
“Nothing worked,” she said.
And she wasn’t enjoying life.
“Counting a half cup of cottage cheese and 15 Wheat Thins is not enjoyable,” she said.
Kaye did some research and found information online about the power of plant-based food. She figured out what “real food” is, and began to take note of protein and fiber on food labels rather than calories and fat grams.
“Our body couldn’t care less how many calories it has. It’s what can I get out of it?” she said.
That’s how Kaye began to approach eating, and this diet worked. She lost 70 pounds.
“It’s real simple. It doesn’t have to be super foods. It’s just what is real food,” she said.
But Kaye did more than just switch her diet. Her research on food and health caused her to switch careers, from journeyman tool and die designer to certified holistic health coach.
“This passion took over the engineering,” she said.
Kaye was educated for one year by the Health Mastery Institute which, Kaye said,  is science-based and does not have any food or drug companies supporting it.
Kaye owns Nutrition for Amazing Health and runs six-week group classes that include watching webinars and meeting weekly via video chats, in addition to one-on-one coaching.
One of the examples Kaye uses in describing real food involves reading the ingredients of Special K protein bars and  Twinkies. The common perception would be that the protein bars are immensely healthier.
“If you look at Twinkies (and Special K bars), there’s not that much difference,” she said. “We’re not putting any fuel into our body.”
Instead, Kaye opts for cucumber, celery and pineapple juice from her juicer, which provides instant energy.
“You feel the difference almost immediately,” she said.
With those types of foods, the body doesn’t have to search for nutrients among other less desirable things like toxins. The body has to figure out what to do with those, so it stores them in fat cells, which are the best place to protect the body from them, Kaye said.
Going through a detox program, she said, gets rid of those fat cells.
Kaye said she prefers a juicer since it removes pulp and the body doesn’t have to do anything to absorb the nutrients. She said she absorbs more nutrients by drinking a stalk of celery and pineapple rather than chewing them.
Kaye’s philosophy is at odds with much of traditional medicine.
“I take a different approach to health, instead of a Band-Aid,” she said. “‘You have heartburn, here’s a pill.’ I look at it more like a whole-body approach.
“What is our body trying to tell us? My focus is let’s get to the source, the underlying cause.”
While weight loss is a common benefit to her program, she said many people come to her to improve their overall health.
“I teach people how to work with their bodies,” she said. “You can do miraculous things with your body.”
She references several clients who have drastically improved health.
One woman who had stage 3 kidney failure was taking 19 medications when she came to Kaye. Within four months, she was down to three medications and her kidney function had returned to normal.
“It’s all through food and vitamins and resetting your body,” Kaye said.
Another client was able to get off insulin in 10 days. The doctor had to keep adjusting medications because the client’s blood sugar kept dropping.
“We don’t do anything without their doctors knowing,” Kaye said.
A doctor laughed at Kaye’s tactics with a client who had fibromyalgia and lupus for 22 years. Within 15 days of starting her body cleanse, most of the woman’s pain was gone. By the end of 12 weeks, she was off all her meds and wanted to get pregnant.
Some clients who struggled to get pregnant for years were going to have babies.
“I’m not God. I can’t say what’s going to happen to them,” Kaye said. “But I can cleanse their bodies.”
Conditions Kaye’s program has helped fix include problems with the thyroid, heart and candida.
One client finally asked, “‘Why didn’t someone tell me?’
“Because,” Kaye said, “it doesn’t make money.”
Kaye said pills make bodies toxic and sluggish. Take enough and “we just kind of exist.
“We don’t have to live these sick lives,” she said. “Our bodies are amazingly capable of healing. We just have to find out what works for them.”
Kaye’s suggested diet includes removing gluten and dairy for a month. Gluten is the most harmful in causing inflammation. Dairy, she said, causes a hormonal imbalance.
She said almond milk is fine, but she understands she lives in Wisconsin where there’s a milk, cheese and ice cream addiction.
“I just try to educate people,” she said.
Among Kaye’s recommended foods are beans, rice, quinoa, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables. She eats big salads and said she can find food to eat at restaurants. Many will customize meals to fit her diet.
She doesn’t eat meat. Cows, she said, break down the nutrients from plants they consume. People’s bodies then have to break down the meat to get the same benefits.
“Don’t make it all about the chicken with your sad little pile of peas on the side,” she said.
Iron, she said, can come from vegetables and some supplements that are safe.
One client even still has wings and beer once per week.
“It’s not about cheating. It’s about loving your body and feeling empowered,” she said.
Kaye goes organic when she can, depending on affordability.
“Organic is always better, but any cucumber is better than no cucumber,” she said.
Even small steps can yield big results, she said, such as trading a morning coffee and bagel or breakfast bar for lemon water and a smoothie.
“If you change your breakfast, you’ve changed 30% of your day,” she said. “You will feel a change just with those two things.”
Kaye recommends Teeccino as a healthy replacement for coffee.
Her detox program doesn’t have to involve physical activity, though many exercise later.
“Most of my clients don’t start with exercise. We start with food,” she said.
For those who consume few calories, exercise every day and don’t lose weight, there’s obviously something wrong.
Besides that, “Once you diet for a while, you ruin your metabolism,” she said.
Her diet, she said, isn’t a fad.
“It’s more about making it a lifestyle. It’s not a six-week thing,” she said. “How do you live so you feel awesome every single day?”
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