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Mother Nature must not like ice skating PDF Print E-mail
Written by DAVE BOEHLER   
Wednesday, 03 January 2018 19:10

    It wasn’t the snow that kept most skaters off the Fredonia ice rink during Christmas vacation, it was the single-digit temperatures that scared away the residents.
    “(My daughter) really wanted to skate, but I told her it had to warm up a little,” said Village of Fredonia Clerk/Treasurer Sandra Tretow. “Single digit temperatures are just too cold for anyone.”
    The rink, located next to the post office on Regal Drive and near Port Washington State Bank, has been open since last week.
    Director of Public Works Roger Strohm said his department spent 16 man hours to get it ready.
    He saw one person skating at night recently and at least two others played hockey on the rink, but it is unfortunate the coldest weather of the year coincided with winter break.
    “That’s a little frustrating to put the time and effort in,” Strohm said. “You like to see it used.”
    The public works department put up the side boards in late fall and had to wait until some frost to put the liner in.
    “And we also need a day with very little wind to put that liner in, otherwise it’ll eventually take off like a sail,” Strohm said.
    The department had to then wait for the return of freezing temperatures, and they had to be consistent.
    “You do want a cold snap to be coming so that it freezes up,” Strohm said. “We don’t have any real equipment to maintain the ice like a Zamboni, so what happens if we put water in too soon, you get a thin coat of ice and people will go on it but break through the ice. Then essentially we have footprints and chunks of ice on the surface when it does freeze, so it becomes a rough, dangerous surface.”
    The fire department donated a hose they no longer needed and the public works department ties it down and watches it fill the rink with 30,000 gallons of water.
    At some point, Strohm says, the weather will improve and skaters will be out and about.
    “We’ll have quite a bit of use on it, at least in years’ past,” he said. “Kids will come in at night and use it, even during the school year, and get weekend use.
    “I’m optimistic it’ll see some good use for the rest of the winter.”

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