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Yes to mileage charge, no to confiscatory fees PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ozaukee Press   
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 19:07

Lawmakers should back DOT plan to study a per-mile assessment for roads, but reject fees on new cars and electric cars and then cap highway spending

The fairest way to have users pay the costs of highway construction and maintenance is to collect a fee on miles traveled.

    There is a nod to that in the many-faceted transportation funding plan unveiled by Wisconsin Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb in November.

    The plan recommends changing state law to allow the DOT to require vehicle owners to report odometer readings when they renew their registrations. The idea is that the numbers gathered could pave the way for mileage charges in the future.

    It would be better if this were a recommendation for the real thing—a per-mile fee to be enacted as soon as possible to help the state cover its road-funding shortfall, as was recommended by a task force last year. Still, this is a start, one of the pieces of Gottlieb’s plan that should be approved by the Legislature.

    Besides its basic fairness, a mileage fee is appealing in that it could eliminate the need for two onerous provisions of the transportation funding plan—taxes on new car purchases and on hybrid and electric vehicles.

    Gottlieb is calling for charging new car buyers a fee of 2.5% of the suggested retail price for road funding. Essentially a road tax, it would cost the buyer of a $25,000 vehicle $625.

    The idea might make sense as a revenue source—it would raise about $150 million a year—but certainly not in any other way. It would be a disincentive to new vehicle buying that would hurt dealers, and it would impose a hardship on buyers of what is for most families a necessity of life (on top of a sales tax that adds 5.6% to the cost of cars in southeastern Wisconsin). What’s more, it’s unfair: New car and light truck buyers get no more benefit from roads than the used car buyers who would be exempt from the tax.

    Even less palatable in the financing plan is a proposal to extract a fee of $50 a year from owners of hybrid and electric vehicles. This would punish the state residents who buy vehicles that limit harmful emissions by using little or no fossil fuel. It would be an intrusion into the market that could discourage sales of the vehicles that are kindest to the environment.

    The fee idea derives from the fact that hybrids and electric vehicles pay little or none of the gas taxes that currently are the mainstay of road funding. An argument can be made that such vehicles deserve a break, but apart from that, the proposed $50 is confiscatory. Even with the higher rate Gottlieb is proposing for the gas tax, its average cost per car would be about $27 year.

    The per-mile fee the state should adopt would treat all vehicles the same regardless of the source of their engine power.

    The DOT secretary’s plan, however, continues to rely heavily on the gas tax. Gottlieb recommends a new formula with a base of 15.5 cents per gallon plus 8% of the average wholesale price of gasoline. The DOT estimates the new gas tax would be about 38 cents per gallon, about 5 cents a gallon higher than the current tax.

    Until a mileage tax can be applied, the gas tax is a practical and quite fair method of assessing drivers for road costs, and the increase is justified.

    Gottlieb’s financing plan is configured as an eclectic bundle of revenue-raising devices—including borrowing and dipping into general tax revenue for transportation—in the hope that enough of the recommendations will survive the Legislature’s sausage-making machine to generate the more than $2 billion the DOT wants for the next two years.

    The organizations WISPIRG, which advocates for consumers, and 1000 Friends, which promotes land use that discourages urban sprawl, say that amount is too much. Both argue persuasively that Wisconsin overspends on highways. They point out that the DOT does not account for the fact that people are driving less today than 10 years ago and thus its projections for future highway needs are inflated.

    Legislators should start to solve Gottlieb’s problem by making it smaller—by reducing highway spending.

Put the brakes on rush to sell public’s harbor land PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ozaukee Press   
Tuesday, 25 November 2014 18:45

Land at the edge of the marina is too valuable as a public asset to sell for commercial development without a thorough study
of the consequences

When cities designate publicly owned land as surplus property to be sold to private bidders, the expectation might be that the land is a useless lot by the railroad tracks or an industrial brownfield that officials would like to get off the municipal books.

    But the public property the City of Port Washington is in the process of declaring surplus to be put on the market is one of the most valuable pieces of land in the city. Its value to its current owners, the citizens of Port Washington, is its location at the edge of the water in the downtown marina-park complex.

    Whether selling the land, which is currently a parking lot at the end of the north harbor slip, is the right thing to do is at best an open question that needs further research and discussion, but the way the city is going at it there is no time for that. Transferring the land from public to private ownership is on a lightning-fast track.        

    Three days after the Community Development Authority approved selling the land as a site for a restaurant or brew pub, the Plan Commission voted to declare the land surplus property. The proposal was immediately put on the Common Council agenda for its next meeting on Dec. 2.

    Rather than ratifying the Plan Commission’s hasty action next week, the council should put the brakes on this extraordinarily fast-moving measure and table it for further study. There are many good reasons to do that, not the least of which is that it would counter the perception that the city government is trying to ram through an important change in lakefront access before the public has the opportunity to fully weigh its ramifications.

     With time for due diligence, Common Council members should consider the following reasons to be skeptical of the push to sell a valuable public asset:

    The move to sell the land grew out of the drafting of a new downtown development plan. The updated plan is needed and has some sound recommendations, but it focuses on commercial development and lacks a comprehensive vision for further development of public recreational uses of land in the marina complex. The land earmarked for sale could be a key part of that development.

    By encouraging private commercial development of a public waterfront space, the city is taking a route that has been rejected by many thriving waterside communities that have retained public ownership of such land and creatively developed it for public enjoyment, with the result that the value of adjacent commercial property has increased.

    The city now controls the future of the north slip parking lot. If it sells the land, it will lose some of that control. Even with zoning authority, it would have limited say in the design of the structure insinuated into what are now open views of the water.

    The expectations of officials for the commercial use of the land seem overly optimistic. There has been talk of a brew pub-restaurant on the parking lot being so wildly successful that it would be a year-round visitor destination. The reality is that restaurants are risky business. Port ought to know. The closing of Smith Bros. restaurant, which failed in spite of regional notoriety, a spectacular second-floor harbor view and the presence on its first floor of, yes, a brew pub, is a cautionary tale best not forgotten. The landmark building, vacant for years, was a civic embarrassment before it was rescued to become the home of the Duluth Trading Co. store. A restaurant-brew pub on the north slip site could be an attraction or another  embarrassment—a failing business slipping into decline and, finally, a vacant building on one of the city’s most prominent waterfront sites.

    It is obvious that parking cars is not a good use of the north slip site. With its proximity to the water and its expansive harbor and lake views, it should have been redesigned long ago as a landscaped space for public enjoyment of the beautiful heart-of-the-city marina complex. The attention focused on it now should be the impetus to make that happen.

    What is at stake is nothing less than the permanent loss to the public of an asset of incalculable intrinsic value. At the very least, the people of Port Washington deserve a careful, unhurried consideration of that possibility by their elected representatives.

Saukville and Port should connect on water PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ozaukee Press   
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 18:20

The fact that Saukville needs more water and Port Washington has an excess of it should lead to sharing a resource and a service

Why would the Village of Saukville drill a new municipal well at a cost of $2 million when a limitless supply of treated drinking water can be tapped less than 500 yards away?

    The question is not being answered in Saukville. It’s not even being asked. It should be.

    The fact that Saukville needs a new well as soon as one can be drilled and put on line should be the catalyst for giving serious consideration to connecting the village to the Port Washington municipal water system.

    The Port Washington water utility has more than enough capacity to serve the entire Village of Saukville. By connecting with a pipeline along Highway 33 only a little more than a quarter-mile long, the village could immediately augment its water supply, and as its wells inevitably degrade in the future could increase its use of Lake Michigan water from Port Washington as needed.

    A cost analysis would be a key part of any consideration of Saukville using Port Washington water, and there is reason to expect it would show such an arrangement to be a good financial deal for both communities.

    Wells are expensive. The $2 million price tag on the proposed new Saukville well includes $300,000 just for a test well. It is estimated that the total outlay for the new well will increase rates for village water users by 12%.

    The Port Washington water system has significant excess capacity. Serving additional water users with the existing water treatment plant and infrastructure could lower costs for all users. Every indication is that the city would be a willing water seller or even a partner in a future joint water utility.

     A Port-Saukville water connection is so logical that it was foreseen in the 1970s when Port Washington installed a new water tower to serve the city’s west side. The tower’s capacity and elevation were planned with the possibility in mind of sending city water to Saukville.

    Saukville has an efficiently-run water utility and its four wells have been adequate to serve residential and industrial customers. Still, wells are prone to problems. The village’s No. 4 well, dating to 1941, has been failing for more than a decade and now has to be replaced. In general, the aquifers from which wells pump water become depleted over time. As deeper sources are accessed, water quality declines.

      The City of Waukesha offers a telling example. Rampant development so overtaxed the  city’s well system that it can no longer provide safe drinking water. Waukesha is desperate to get Lake Michigan water, but has been thwarted by international regulations preventing the use of lake water by municipalities from which wastewater does not drain back to the lake.

    That’s the case with Waukesha, but certainly not with Saukville. The latter’s wastewater flows directly to the lake via the Milwaukee River. And thus abundant lake water is there for the taking.    

    It is hard to imagine any two municipalities that are better candidates for shared services than Port Washington and Saukville. The city and the village, which share a school district, have literally grown together. It is probably safe to say that at various points along Highway 33 many people aren’t sure if they’re in Port or Saukville, so seamless is the connection between the two communities.

    Yet a shared services task force made up of representatives from both communities has been meeting for years with little to show for its efforts.

    The place to start meaningful sharing of services that will benefit taxpayers of both communities is as basic as it can be—with the water people need to live.

    The Saukville well project cannot go forward without approval by the Wisconsin Public Commission, and the PSC could direct the village to look into getting water from other municipalities.

    Before it comes to that, village officials should act on their own initiative and move to take advantage of a safe, dependable water source that will never (in any foreseeable future) run dry. It’s only a few hundred yards away.

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