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In the dam game, rules are stacked against Grafton PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ozaukee Press   
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 14:38

Every move the village makes to comply with a state ultimatum is thwarted by a new DNR mandate

    The Green Bay Packers, in sudden-death overtime, drive the ball down the field repeatedly against a sturdy defense, but every time they get within kicker Mason Crosby’s 50-yard range for a game-winning field goal, the officials move the goal post back 10 yards.

    Can’t happen? Not in football, but in games managed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, it can and does. Just ask the Grafton Village Board.

    The village can win the game if it can rebuild the Bridge Street Dam to make this community asset safe and attractive and compliant with DNR rules. But whenever it gets close to accomplishing that, the DNR changes the rules.

    In 2009 the DNR declared the dam a “significant hazard” and ordered the village to either remove it or rebuild it to meet state regulations by 2019.

    After voters made it emphatically clear in a 2010 referendum that the dam should not be demolished, the Village Board voted to fix it and include a fish passage, a decision that should have pleased just about everyone—the dam would be retained to preserve the picturesque millpond that is part of Grafton’s identity, but valuable fish species would be able to migrate upstream to spawn.

    It was a winning move—until the DNR moved the goalpost. The same agency that said removing the dam was an option decided in 2011 that the structure was an essential block to the upstream movement of invasive species and diseased fish and the fishway would not be allowed unless it was of the trap-and-sort variety that required monitoring by trained personnel.

    That decision, issued after Ozaukee County had invested months of work and a vast sum of federal money in designing the fish passage, was another game-changer. It made the fishway so complicated that the Village Board ruled it out of the dam rehab plan.

    The board then took the sensible, straight-forward approach of preparing to simply do whatever work is needed on the dam to make it comply with Wisconsin law regulating dams and flood control. The cost would be $410,000, of which about half would be covered by a DNR grant.

    Victory was in sight at last. Village officials were perhaps warming up for a Lambeau leap. Then the DNR moved the goalpost again by digging up an administrative rule that requires flood gates to be installed in the dam at a cost of $300,000 or more.

    So as things stand, it is not enough that the dam would satisfy the state law governing flood control. Now it must comply with an arcane administrative rule and be fitted with flood control gates so that, according to the DNR, the water level in the millpond can be lowered for dam inspection and maintenance and in emergencies.

    This determination was made in spite of the facts that: underwater inspection works fine; the dam that Grafton has had for roughly a century does not have floodgates and there has been no catastrophe; the DNR has said the dam is an essential impediment to invasive species but now says it’s OK to breach it with flood gates; the administrative rule does not need to be enforced.

    The DNR catches a lot of flak for its regulatory efforts. Much of this is undeserved. The agency has a crucial role to play in protecting Wisconsin’s natural resources, and it often has to step on toes to do it. But in its confounding performance in the Bridge Street Dam saga, it looks like an agency trying to justify its reputation as a bureaucracy that regulates in ways so illogical it seems to be doing it just for the sake of regulating.

    The next move is up to the Village Board. Whatever it is, it could trigger another goal post move. So with the deadline for improving the dam still seven years away, it might be a good time to call a time-out and wait a bit.

    Maybe there will be a different officiating crew for the next game.

Public education as a punching bag PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ozaukee Press   
Wednesday, 07 March 2012 16:38

Once revered, the institution that helped transform an immigrant nation into an economic superpower is now denigrated as political sport

America is an unlikely country to be in the throes of a campaign against public education.

    In a nation founded on the principle engraved on history by its Declaration of Independence, that all people are created equal, public education has been the great equalizer.

    With education paid for by the public and available to all regardless of means, a nation of immigrants, many of them impoverished, became the greatest economic power on earth, and it remains so.

    Rick Santorum, a candidate for president who has ranked first or second in opinion polls of Republican voters, attacks American public schools as “big factories” that spend too much time on academics and too little on teaching morals. The father of seven children who are being home-schooled, he says education should be run by parents.

    Generations of Americans, including presidents, rocket scientists and business titans, are products of those “factories,” yet public education, once revered, is now disparaged as a symptom of something wrong with society.

    Santorum’s attack on public schools has   consisted only of words, but Wisconsin has been witness to actions that have the potential to cause lasting damage to public education.

    Wisconsin has cut aid to public schools more than any of 24 states studied by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. At the same time, the budget proposed by Gov. Scott Walker and passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature increased taxpayer spending in support of private schools.

    There is a whiff of that sentiment in the Port Washington-Saukville School Board election, in which three of the candidates are running on a single issue—cutting teacher compensation.

    They have criticized the School Board for agreeing to a contract with teachers before the state’s Act 10 limiting teacher benefits and collective bargaining took effect—even though the contract required greater teacher concessions than Act 10 and resulted in a decrease in the local property tax rate.

    With state tax revenue shrunken by the recession, increased teacher contributions toward their health and retirement benefits were needed, but to keep hammering on the issue is to say that teachers should be paid less. More so than in other occupations, benefits are part of teacher pay. The candidates should explain how they think education is served by further reducing that pay.

    Wisconsin ranks in the lower half of states in teacher compensation. Overall, its public employees, including teachers, earn 4.8% less in total compensation (salary plus benefits) than comparable private sector workers, according to the Economic Policy Institute, a non-partisan research organization.

    The U.S. ranks below most developed countries in teacher pay. American teachers earn less than 60% of the average pay for college-educated workers.

    American students are lagging in achievement behind those of a number of other countries. A common denominator in many of those countries is that teaching is an honored profession that demands more from its members than in the U.S., but more generously rewards its best practitioners.

    In the U.S., a presidential aspirant says public school teachers are essentially unnecessary; meanwhile local candidates promise to try to cut teacher pay if elected. If there’s a formula for improving education here, we’re missing it.

      Santorum’s backward ideas on education may soon be forgotten sound bites. But in the Port-Saukville School District, two of candidates campaigning to cut teacher benefits got the most votes in the primary election, suggesting that their chances of success in the general election are good.

    Surely, then, they owe the citizens who will vote in that election more than yet another attack on teacher benefits. Let voters hear what they propose to do to improve, or even maintain, the quality of education in Port-Saukville schools. If the cost of education is their issue, what is their plan for implementing merit pay that would help meet budget restraints but encourage and reward the best teachers? Or do they have a better idea?

    Are some constructive ideas about public education too much to ask?

Talk is not enough to save farmland PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ozaukee Press   
Wednesday, 29 February 2012 16:07

Officials of the towns of Port, Saukville and Grafton say they want to protect farmland, but when it came to supporting the Working Lands Initiative, they passed

Officials of the townships of Ozaukee County have generally said the right things about farmland preservation: That steps need to be taken to protect land used for agriculture from development so farmers can continue to earn their livelihoods and other residents can continue to enjoy the towns’ rural character.

    Yet when it came to acting on these good intentions by participating in the state program designed to preserve farmland and the farming life, three town governments took a pass.

    The Port Washington, Saukville and Grafton Town Boards voted to not participate in the Working Lands Initiative. Only the towns of Belgium and Cedarburg agreed to take part in the program. The Fredonia Town Board is considering it.

    The three towns that rejected the Working Lands Initative gave essentially the same reason—we don’t need the state; we can protect farmland with our zoning.

    Perhaps, but the Working Lands Initiative was approved by the Legislature expressly because local governments in many counties had been ineffective in protecting farmland.

    While the state initiative offers a stable framework for protecting farmland, local zoning can change at the whim of current office holders. Saukville Town Chairman Barb Job lent credence to that, perhaps inadvertently, in a letter to Andrew Struck, county director of planning and parks, that was meant to explain her stand against the Working Lands Initiative. She wrote that in the past the town had failed to follow its own preservation guidelines and rezoned so many acres for residential use that much of the town is no longer viable for future farming.

    Struck has been working to fulfill the state’s requirement that Ozaukee County create a county Working Lands Initiative. The town boards’ refusal to join the initiative not only complicates that effort, but makes the farmers in their townships ineligible to benefit from the $7.50 per acre annual tax credit available to farmland owners in designated preservation areas.

    The Working Lands Initiative is, however, not the only route to preserving farmland. The gold standard in that realm was on display recently when the Ozaukee County Board accepted a donation from the Tim Kaul family of a conservation easement on 41 acres of pretty farmland in the Town of Grafton.

    Conservation easements protect farmland from development in perpetuity. As in the Kauls’ case, farmers and their heirs continue to own land, farm it and live on it, often with provisions for home sites for family members.

    This is absolute protection of farmland, keeping it safe from zoning or law changes and tempting offers from developers. The Kauls accepted no payment for the easement, but conservation easements often involve a financial consideration, and there is hope that funds will be available in the future to make it easier for others to follow the Kauls’ inspiring example.

    Tim Kaul, in his service as a County Board member, chairman of the county Land Preservation Board and founding member of the Ulao Creek Partnership, has been one of the county’s leading advocates of farmland preservation. It’s personal with him—his family has farmed in rural Grafton for 123 years, and he has shepherded the protection of 112 acres of his family’s land with easements. But his efforts have been motivated too by knowledge that preventing the wholesale development of farmland is in everyone’s interest.

    Sure, it’s about farming. Development, like those countryside subdivisions with five-acre lots, diminish the land available for agriculture—in the past 30 years, Ozaukee County has lost more than 30,000 acres of farmland—and can put pressure on farming operations in other ways. Occupants of McMansions are usually not too enthused about the smell of manure on the morning air.

    But it’s also about the future Ozaukee County residents want. Survey after survey has shown that people here value the rural character of the land surrounding the county’s cities and villages. Farming, meaning not just the tilled fields, but the natural areas, including wetlands and woodlots, that are part of many farms, keeps land open and green, protecting clear vistas and habitat.

    It’s true some farmers want to harvest value from their land as real estate when they’re done farming. That’s understandable, and possible, where zoning permits it. But others want their land to stay in service as a producer of food, honoring their family traditions of working the land.

    They could use some help. The Working Farms Initiative, in which participation by farmers is totally voluntary, provides it. The towns that have rejected it should reconsider.

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