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Reaching out to Ozaukee’s homeless PDF Print E-mail
Daily News
Written by MICHAEL LoCICERO   
Friday, 12 September 2014 15:02

Harsh reality of 4,100 county residents living in poverty spurs Port woman to spearhead Family Promise project 

Ozaukee County is generally thought of as an affluent county where homelessness isn’t a problem.

Tell that to Catherine.

On the night of Nov. 10, 2013, Catherine and her dog Cassie arrived at the Port Washington home of Pat Morrissey and Tom Tews with no shelter.

“I met Pat earlier while walking my dog in the park that borders her home,” Catherine, 57, said. “It was just a week later that I returned to her home to see if she was willing to help me out.”

Morrissey and Tews took Catherine and Cassie in for nine months.

During the harsh, frigid winter, Catherine fell into despair. But, through persevereance, prayer and care, Catherine ventured out into the cyber world and met her future fiance on an online dating Web site.

Catherine and her dog moved to Illinois late last month.

“Everyone will have to deal with some form of trauma or life-changing experience at some point,” Catherine said. “It was a time of humility, perseverance and endurance, both emotionally and physically.”

About 4,100 people are living below the poverty level in Ozaukee County, and the number grows ever year, said Morrissey, who in part because of her experience with Catherine and Cassie, has spearheaded Family Promise of Ozaukee County.

Family Promise is a nonprofit group that has more than 180 sectors throughout the United States. It is trying to raise awareness of the homeless problem in Ozaukee County.

Its mission is to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence.

Catherine doesn’t fit the stereotype of a “typical” homeless person.

She’s a high school graduate with some college education.

“I didn’t see myself as the stereotypical homeless person, unbathed and wandering the streets looking for a morsel of food,” Catherine said. “But I began to admit that I had no address to call home.”

Homelessness isn’t normally associated with Ozaukee County, one of the most affluent counties in the nation.

However, in the 2013-14 school year, the county’s five school districts reported 29 children were homeless, including at least one in each district. Free and reduced lunches, another indication of
low-income families, is as high as 30.9% of students in the Northern Ozaukee School District.

In the Port Washington-Saukville School District, 25.3% of students enrolled in the program last year.

Family Promise has branches in 41 states and unites religious communities in an interfaith hospitality network to mobilize existing community resources.

So far, 10 churches have agreed to be host churches, where 14 individuals will  stay from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. for one week, four times per year.

Morrissey said the group needs three more churches to complete the 13-week, 4-time-per-year rotation to make the shelter a reality.

The churches who have committed so far are: Community United Methodist and New Life Community Church in Cedarburg, Crossroads Presbyterian, Lumen Christi, Mequon United Methodist and Unitarian Church North in Mequon, Grace Lutheran and St. John’s Lutheran in Grafton, St. Mary’s, St. Peter’s and Immaculate Conception churches in Port Washington and Saukville and St. Peter’s United Church of Christ in Saukville.

St. Francis Borgia in Cedarburg and St. Simon’s the Fisherman in Port Washington have committed as “support churches.”

The group also needs to find a hospitality day center where homeless children and families to stay during the day and is looking at potential sites in Saukville and Port Washington, Morrissey said.

It also hopes to eventually purchase a 15-passenger van with a trailer to take the beds from church to church each week.

The reason is simple: if you’re are homeless in Ozaukee County and want somewhere to stay the county, there is no place to go.

“Most people have to go to Washington or Milwaukee County to find a place to sleep,” Morrissey said. “That’s not right. These are citizens and we should be doing a better job of taking care of them.”

Morrissey is hoping to launch the program by March 2015 and the group needs $160,000 in donations to make the rotating homes for homeless guests a reality.

“We need some businesses and wealthy individuals to help out,” Morrissey said.

Catherine said Morrissey and her husband were “in a league by themselves with how they handled everything for me.

“I was educated without a job and they saw through the situation and were gracious beyond anything I could have imagined,” she said.

On Saturday, Sept. 13, Family Promise of Ozaukee County will hold an event called “Cardboard City” at Homestead High School in Mequon.Daily-Press

From 4 p.m. Saturday until 8 a.m. Sunday, the 10th, 11th and 12th grade student participants who donate $100 for their “rent” will be able to sleep in a cardboard box overnight and listen to guest speakers talk about the reality of homelessness in Ozaukee County.

To register for the event, visit or call Cecile Duhnke at (480) 262-8782.

For more information on Family Promise of Ozaukee County, contact Morrissey at (414) 704-7640 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Would you believe a $9,000 water bill? PDF Print E-mail
Daily News
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 20:00

    Imagine getting a water bill that totals more than $9,000 when your typical bimonthly bill is about $80.

    That happened to a Port Washington woman after a pipe in her house apparently broke and went undetected for months.

    Water Supt. Dave Ewig told the Board of Public Works Tuesday that workers generally would discover that sort of problem when they do meter readings and find the water use has jumped significantly.

    However, because of the severe cold, workers didn’t read the meters in January or March. Instead, water use was estimated.

    The problem remained undetected until May 5, when Marguerite Sherwan received a call from the city telling her of the unusually high reading, according to Sherwan’s granddaughter Victoria.

    A small pipe broke under a mudroom at Sherwan’s house but remained undetected because water apparently flowed down the wall in a corner of the basement into a utility sink.

    There were no problems with the water pressure, Victoria Sherwan said.

    “There wasn’t anything to cause me any concern,” she said. “You were able to shower and do dishes. I feel horrible about the situation. We’ve never had this problem.”Daily-Press

    Ewig said it’s possible the water had been leaking since December. About one million gallons of water were recorded, he said, and it could have been flowing at a rate of eight gallons a minute.

    The board forgave the bill, agreeing to charge Sherwan for her average water use.

    “If we had read the meter on Jan. 1 or March 1, we probably would have caught this before May,” Ald. Kevin Rudser said. “I feel we’re partly to blame for this.”

Man accused of selling heroin with kids in tow PDF Print E-mail
Daily News
Written by BILL SCHANEN IV   
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 19:58

Belgium resident faces felony charges for dealing drugs near schools, churches

    A 36-year-old Belgium man has been charged with selling heroin from his home near a village park and in Port Washington with children in tow on several occasions.

    Robin L. Eversmann faces four felony counts of manufacturing/delivering heroin and one count of maintaining a drug trafficking place.

    Each of the delivery charges carries a maximum sentence of 7-1/2 years in prison and five years of extended supervision, but Eversmann could face an additional five years in prison on each charge because he allegedly sold drugs near schools and churches.

    Maintaining a drug house is a felony punishable by 1-1/2 years in prison and two years of extended supervision.

    According to the criminal complaint filed in Ozaukee County Circuit Court, an undercover deputy who went to Eversmann’s  house on South Middle Road in the Village of Belgium said there were six children in the home.

    On several occasions when the deputy met Eversmann in Port Washington to buy heroin, he had at least one child in the car with him, the complaint states.

    “The fact that this defendant put children in such an environment is, quite frankly, very troubling,” said Lt. Rodney Galbraith, who heads the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Department Anti-Drug Task Force.

    The six children are between the ages of 2 and 9 and have been removed from the home by Ozaukee County Child Protective Services, Galbraith said.

    “We’re working hand in hand with Child Protective Services, and when our investigation is done we’ll sit down to determine what, if any, other potential crimes were committed by this defendant,” he said.

    On Aug. 26, the undercover deputy and an informant met Eversmann, also known as Big Bob, at the George Webb restaurant in Port Washington to buy heroin. But Eversmann, who had three children in his car, said he thought police officers were in the area and invited the buyers to his house in Belgium, according to the complaint.

    At his house, which is near Heritage Park, the defendant used a razor blade to divide heroin into $20 packets called “dubs” and sold some of the packets to the deputy, the complaint states.    

    The deputy said there were six children in the house at the time.

    Eversmann told the deputy that he was a licensed security guard and carried a gun, several of which he kept in his house. He said he could “hit him up anytime” if the deputy needed more heroin.

    The next day and twice on Aug. 29, Eversmann met the deputy in the North Port Shopping Center parking lot on the north side of Port Washington near St. Peter of Alcantara Church and Port Catholic School and sold him heroin, according to the complaint.

    On one of those occasions, a child who was in the car with Eversmann handed him a backpack from which Eversmann retrieved heroin, the complaint states.

    On Sept. 3, the deputy contacted Eversmann via text message to arrange a drug purchase. Eversmann replied that he was in Milwaukee with his heroin supplier and would meet the deputy at a gas station in Mequon. That is where officers arrested Eversmann, who had a child with him at the time, according to the complaint.    

    “This is another case that shows if you’re a drug dealer who decides to set up shop in Ozaukee County, we’ll do whatever it takes to prosecute you,” Galbraith said.

    Ozaukee County Circuit Judge Sandy Williams set Eversmann’s bail at $50,000 and ordered him not to have contact with children if he is released. She denied a motion by Eversmann attorney to allow him to have contact with his own children.

Save the YMCA effort hits $500,000 with just weeks to go PDF Print E-mail
Daily News
Written by BILL SCHANEN IV   
Wednesday, 03 September 2014 17:41

Save the Feith campaign is halfway to its goal of raising $1 million to keep Ozaukee facility open

    The fundraising effort to save the Feith Family Ozaukee YMCA in Saukville reached the half-million-dollar mark this week, but with only three weeks until it is to be sold at a bankruptcy auction, organizers of the Keep the Feith campaign are scrambling to double that amount.

    “It was pretty amazing to see 50 checks in the mail this week,” said Rob Johnson, executive director of the Kettle Moraine YMCA in West Bend.

    The Kettle Moraine organization has negotiated an offer to purchase the Ozaukee YMCA from the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee for $2 million, but the deal — considered to be the only feasible way the Ozaukee Y can remain open — has been complicated by the Milwaukee organization’s bankruptcy filing.

    At the request of the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee and its creditors, a bankruptcy judge has cleared the way for a Sept. 29 auction.

    The Kettle Moraine YMCA’s offer of $2 million will be considered the base bid, but, with rumors of private health club operators interested in the Ozaukee facility on Northwoods Road, the West Bend YMCA needs to be prepared to bid at least $2.5 million, Johnson said.

    That means that the grassroots fundraising effort cleverly named Keep the Feith will have to raise $1 million.

    Initially, the Kettle Moraine YMCA had planned to finance $1.5 million of the purchase price and raise $500,000. The fundraising goal was increased to $1 million after it became clear the Ozaukee YMCA could be sold to the highest bidder.

    As of Tuesday, the campaign had reached $510,060, Johnson said. That total includes $105,830 of a $200,000 challenge gift from John and Elizabeth Feith and their family, who were the principle donors to the Ozaukee YMCA.

    If the Keep the Feith effort can raise enough money to match that gift, the fundraising total will reach $700,000. That would allow the Kettle Moraine YMCA to offer $2.2 million for the Ozaukee facility, which shows there is work to be done, Johnson said.

    The fundraising effort picked up steam last week when 200 people packed a Keep the Feith meeting in Saukville. The crowd cheered when the Feiths’ donation was announced and more than $12,000 was collected that night.

    If the Kettle Moraine YMCA is not able to purchase the Ozaukee Y, the donations will be returned.

    If it does acquire the facility and collects more money than needed for the purchase, excess funds will be spent on maintenance at the Ozaukee site, Johnson said.

    None of the money will go to the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee, he stressed.

    The challenge now, Johnson said, is to keep the fundraising effort energized because the clock is ticking.

    The recently launched website has a countdown clock that on Wednesday read 25 days to the auction.

    Whether there are other interested buyers will become clear on Sept. 22, which is the deadline for bidders to register with the bankruptcy court. The Ozaukee YMCA could close shortly after that if it is not purchased by Kettle Moraine. An October closing date for the sale is expected.

    Donations to the Keep the Feith campaign can be sent to the Kettle Moraine YMCA, 1111 W. Washington St., West Bend 53095 or made online at

Tests expected to show Port water free of algae toxin PDF Print E-mail
Daily News
Wednesday, 03 September 2014 17:39

Utility having lake samples checked to ensure problem in Ohio hasn’t surfaced here

    The City of Port Washington sent samples of Lake Michigan water to a laboratory last week to ensure it does not contain the toxin caused by an algae bloom that poisoned the drinking water of Toledo, Ohio, last month.

    Water Supt. Dave Ewig said his department was hoping to get the results of the test later the this week.

    “We’re certainly not anticipating any evidence of this toxin,” Ewig said. “But we’re going to analyze the water just to put our customers at ease.”

    Ewig said the crisis that forced more than a half-million Toledo residents to stop using municipal water from Lake Erie for almost three days isn’t likely to occur here.

    “We did this because of what happened on Lake Erie, but we’re talking about two entirely different bodies of water,” he said.

    Lake Erie is shallower and warmer than Lake Michigan, Ewig said.

    Both lakes are home to zebra and quagga mussels that clarify the water, which allows more light to penetrate the surface and encourages algae growth, he said.

    “The clarity of Lake Michigan is just amazing,” Ewig said.

    In the past, when crews would go out to inspect the city’s water intake about two-thirds of a mile off shore, people would put their arms in the water up to their elbows and they wouldn’t be able to see their fingers, he said.

    “Most often today, you can see the intake from the boat,” Ewig said.    

    The additional light encourages the growth of algae, although the cold waters of Lake Michigan inhibit that growth to some extent, Ewig said.

    In Toledo, a blue-green algae in Lake Erie produced the toxin microcystin, fouling the water. High amounts of phosphorus in Lake Erie are also believed to have contributed to the growth of the algae.

    Ewig said the deep waters of Lake Michigan, as well as its temperature, inhibit the growth of the blue-green algae.

    “We’ve not experienced this toxin in Lake Michigan,” he said. “I think we don’t see it because it’s a much larger, deeper lake with less algae growth.”Daily-Press
    That’s not to say algae doesn’t grow in Lake Michigan. It does, Ewig said, though it’s generally not the same type of algae that fouled the water off Toledo.

    And when the algae here dies, the city adds powdered activated charcoal to the treatment process to improve the taste and control the odor, he said.

Driver cited after striking car, sign, tree, fence PDF Print E-mail
Daily News
Written by Ozaukee Press   
Wednesday, 27 August 2014 17:43

A 51-year-old Port Washington woman was ticketed after she allegedly drove her car off Wisconsin Street and into yards Aug. 20, striking a parked car, tree and fence before stopping short of hitting a home, according to police.

    The woman was driving north in the 500 block of Wisconsin Street about 6:30 p.m. when she struck a Pontiac Vibe owned by Lee Gierke of Mequon that was parked in front of a home, police said.

    The woman didn’t stop, but instead continued driving north about 117 feet, striking a pedestrian-crossing sign in the middle of the road near Dodge Street.

    She then veered to the right and, about 100 feet farther down the road, entered the parkway and struck a tree at 604 Wisconsin Street, police said.

    The woman continued to drive north, crossing the yard at 608/610 N. Wisconsin Street, narrowly missing a large pine tree and the duplex itself, according to police.

    The vehicle then went into the side yard at 614 N. Wisconsin St., going through a cedar fence and coming to a stop near the corner of the house, police said.

    The woman was cited for operating while impaired and driving at unreasonable and imprudent speed, according to police.
    In other police news, a 37-year-old Milwaukee man was cited for soliciting without a license and obstructing an officer after he was stopped while driving an ice-cream truck through the city Aug. 20.

    Police said the man was stopped as part of a routine check by officers to verify he had a permit to operate the truck in the city.

    The man gave officers another person’s license, police said, noting the permit had expired on Aug. 2. He said he received the permit from his boss.


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