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Daily News
Written by BILL SCHANEN IV   
Wednesday, 30 August 2017 18:28

Ozaukee County judge orders dealer to serve six years in connection with overdose death of  Fredonia man last year

    Another in a growing list of people convicted of homicide in Ozaukee County Circuit Court for supplying drugs to users who overdosed and died was sent to prison last week.
    Michael Roby, 56, of Milwaukee, who pleaded guilty to second-degree reckless  homicide in June, was sentenced by Ozaukee County Circuit Judge Joseph Voiland last week to six years in prison followed by six years of extended supervision for selling Percocet to a woman who purchased it on behalf of Fredonia resident Jacob Tietz on Dec. 29.
    The next morning, Tietz, a 27-year-old Port  Washington High School graduate, was found dead at his home of “mixed drug toxicity of which Percocet was a substantial factor,” according to the criminal complaint.
    During Roby’s plea hearing in June, Tietz’s mother, Ann Brown, told Voiland how her son battled drug addiction but, after serving time in jail, put his life back together.
    Brown said her son had been sober for 19 months, but on Christmas Day 2015 fell off a hoverboard and broke his foot. He underwent surgery and was left in excruciating pain. Because of his history with drug addiction, doctors were cautious about how they treated his pain, and ultimately her son looked elsewhere for relief, Brown said.
       “Jacob was my baby, and at 27, he was too young to die,” she said. “The loss of my son Jacob was the most devastating feeling in the world.”
      Roby was arrested on Jan. 5, 2016, six days after deputies responding to a rescue call were told by Tietz’s father that he discovered his son’s body in his bedroom at 11 a.m. Dec. 30.
    Near the body was a tissue with dried blood, a rubber tourniquet, syringe and other materials used to “cook” and inject drugs, Detective Sgt. Chad Eibs, an Ozaukee County Anti-Drug Task Force supervisor, testified during a preliminary hearing last year.
    Deputies also found Tietz’s cell phone, which they used to track down a woman he was communicating with about buying drugs.
    The woman was arrested later that day and told authorities that Tietz contacted her about buying drugs. She said she knew Tietz had a drug problem because they had attended alcohol and drug abuse counseling sessions together in the past, according to the criminal complaint.
    The woman said she made arrangements with “my guy Mike,” whom she later identified as Roby, to buy 16 Percocet tablets, Eibs testified. At 3:15 p.m. on Dec. 29, she said, she picked up Tietz at his home and, after stopping at an ATM where he withdrew money, they drove to meet Roby, she said.
    At a grocery store parking lot at 60th Street and Capitol Drive in Milwaukee, the woman got into Roby’s vehicle and paid him $200 provided by Tietz for the Percocet tablets, Eibs testified.
    The woman said Tietz snorted some of the Percocet in her car, Eibs said.
    “She said she was 100% sure she had been buying drugs from Michael Roby for years,” Eibs testified.
    About a week after Tietz’s death, the woman agreed to help authorities set up a sting that resulted in Roby’s arrest.
    On Jan. 5, the woman called Roby and told him there was “a kid up in Fredonia that has like $400,” according to the complaint.
    She said she negotiated a deal with Roby, who agreed to sell her $400 worth of 20-milligram Percocet tablets at $14 each, and arranged to meet him, the complaint states.
    Members of the Milwaukee drug unit, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and Ozaukee County Anti-Drug Task Force descended on the meeting location and, as they were attempting to make the arrest, Roby swallowed the contents of a pill bottle.
    When told by officers he could die of an overdose, Roby said, “I don’t care,” according to the complaint.
    Authorities discovered a loaded gun near Roby, the complaint states.
    Earlier this month, Saukville resident John Warrix, 43, was sentenced by Ozaukee County Circuit Judge Sandy Williams to 10 years in prison followed by five years of extended supervision for supplying heroin to a Town of Port Washington woman who overdosed and died in August 2016. Samantha Ritenour was 38.

    In a story last week about the sentencing of John Warrix, the details of a drug exchange were incorrectly reported.  Ozaukee County District Attorney Adam Gerol noted that Warrix, not Samantha Ritenour, supplied heroin to a Saukville man who overdosed on it in last year.Daily Press