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Subdivision residents want Hwy. 32 speed limit lowered PDF Print E-mail
Daily News
Wednesday, 12 July 2017 18:13

Eighty people sign petition urging Port council to slow southside traffic

    About 80 residents of the Misty Ridge subdivision on Port Washington’s south side are asking the city to lower the speed limit on a portion of Highway 32 near their homes.
    Cathy Hanson, 1956 Blue Spruce Ct., presented the Common Council with a petition seeking the lower speed limit signed by the residents, telling aldermen the current 55 mph speed limit and the fact there is a hill near the entrance to the subdivision make it difficult, if not dangerous, for people to exit the development — particularly drivers turning left to head into Port.
    “Vehicles coming (south) from Port Washington are accelerating just as they approach Misty Ridge Lane,” Hanson said last month, adding that intersection has become “increasingly difficult to negotiate” during the morning and evening rush hours.
    Residents of the subdivision have a hard time seeing oncoming vehicles because of the hill, and the high speeds exacerbate the situation, she said.
    The residents are asking that the city lower the speed limit to 45 mph, allowing the current 55 mph to be effective only south of Misty Ridge Lane, Hanson said.
    “Make this a safer intersection,” she said.
    Hanson noted that the 80 signatures on the petition represent the majority of the 129 households in the subdivision.
    City Administrator Mark Grams, who lives in the subdivision, told aldermen that the city had looked at the speed issue in the past and decided against taking any action.
    “I think it’s time we should look at it again,” he said.
    Grams said the matter would be referred to the city’s Traffic Safety Commission, adding that any recommended change would also require approval of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.
    However, he noted, the DOT often follows what the community requests.
    Ald. John Sigwart said the commission is considering a mid-July meeting.

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