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Town set to do its part to fix notorious, busy road PDF Print E-mail
Daily News
Wednesday, 07 June 2017 18:36

But Village of Saukville would have to chip in for its half of Northwoods

    Northwoods Road — the road more people complain about than any other, Town of Port Washington officials said — could be improved this year.
    The Town Board on Monday reviewed a $94,665 bid from Payne & Dolan to rebuild 3,865 feet of the road from Hillcrest Road south, but members held off on taking any action since the town only has jurisdiction over the east half of the roadway.
 Daily Press   The western half is governed by the Village of Saukville, which would have to approve any work done on its portion of the roadway and agree to pay its half of the $94,665 bill.
    Town Chairman Jim Melichar said he would talk to village officials this week to see if they would be willing to authorize the work so both sides of the road can be rebuilt at one time.
    If the village doesn’t have funds budgeted, the town could see if a compromise plan could be put in place, he said, or the town could reconstruct just its side of the road.
    “We’ve done that before,” Melichar said of the idea of rebuilding only half the road.
    “Do we have any idea what Saukville’s timeline is?” Supr. Mike Didier asked. “What are the odds of their budget having the money for it this year?”
    Melichar said he hopes to find the answers to these questions.    
    “We’ll see if I have any pull to negotiate,” Melichar said, noting that the town and village have a road maintnenace agreement.
    It’s in the interest of both communities to rebuild the roadway, Melichar said.
    “They get as many complaints as we do,” he said.
    “I’d say this is the most complained about road in the town. It’s the most traveled road in the town.”
    That’s because many people use Northwoods Road to access the Feith Family Ozaukee YMCA, officials said.
    Melichar said depending on his talks with the village, the Town Board could act on the bid during a special meeting before the Wednesday, June 14, Plan Commission meeting or at its next regular meeting on Monday, July 3.
    The Town Board did approve an $85,387 bid from Payne & Dolan to rebuild Mink Ranch Road from Highway KK to Northwoods Road.
    That stretch of road probably gets the second-largest number of complaints, officials have said.
    The projects fit in the town’s $140,000 budget for road construction this year, officials said.