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Port board backs major medical clinic expansion PDF Print E-mail
Daily News
Wednesday, 14 February 2018 19:59

Design review panel signs off on Aurora project that would facilitate consolidation of two facilities in city

    A plan to significantly expand Aurora Health Care’s clinic on Grand Avenue near Highway LL on Port Washington’s west side so the health care provider can consolidate its two clinics in the city was recommended for approval Tuesday by Port’s Design Review Board.
    The 15,384-square-foot addition will be built on the south end of the existing facility, project manager Jason Daye told the board, and will match the design of the current structure.
    “We want this to look seamless,” he said.
    He noted that when the clinic was built, it was designed with the idea that an addition would someday be needed.
    The front entrance will be reconfigured to create a drop-off area, Daye said, noting people currently use the driving lane when dropping off patients.
    The clinic currently houses six family medicine physicians, as well as X-ray, blood drawing, pharmacy and rehabilitation departments.
    The addition will add 11 doctors and expand the pharmacy and rehabilitation services, Daye said, and include an optical department.
    When the addition is completed, he said, a total of 60 employees will work from the facility, which will operate from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and 8 to 11:30 a.m. Saturdays.
    In addition to the building addition, the project will also include expansion of the parking lot, Daye said.
    Public Works Director Rob Vanden Noven asked if the plan could be tweaked to retain an island in the parking lot, saying that it will break up a long stretch of pavement — something Daye said would likely be done.
    The Plan Commission will consider the health-care provider’s request when it meets at 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 15.  
    In other action, the board:
    n Recommended the Plan Commission approve a plan to renovate the former Car Quest building at 702 W. Grand Ave. to accommodate a car repair business.
    Anna Lindem told the board that Lindem’s Auto plans to open a shop at the site, adding two overhead garage doors facing Grand Avenue and one facing Maple Street.Daily Press
    There would be some landscaping done in the parking lot, she said, and a new sign erected. Instead of a monument sign, Lindem asked if the sign could be elevated to ensure people can see around it.
    The building, she said, would be painted white with a forest green mansard roof.
    n The board also recommended approving a plan for a small control building near the electrical substation at the We Energies power plant.
    American Transmission Co. is replacing wires between the substation and a Saukville substation, and is adding a second circuit as part of this plan. To accommodate this, a 24-by-35-foot control building needs to be added at the power plant, officials said.
    The building would be inside a fence at the plant, and landscaping will be added to help screen the structure.
    The Plan Commission will review this request when it meets Feb. 15.

Fake deputies threaten to make arrests in latest scam PDF Print E-mail
Daily News
Wednesday, 14 February 2018 19:58

Targets of sham are told they’re wanted on warrants, need to transfer $1,000

    Don’t get worried if you get a call from the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Office telling you there’s a warrant out for your arrest and an immediate wire transfer of $1,000 will keep you out of jail.
    It’s a scam, Sheriff Jim Johnson said Tuesday.
    “This isn’t us. This isn’t how we collect warrants,” he said.
    Johnson said his office has received a handful of reports recently from people in Cedarburg, Saukville and Cedar Grove who received these scam calls.
    In one instance, he said, the person provided deputies with the telephone number of the caller.
    “We called the number back and talked to somebody,” Johnson said. “Then they changed the number.”    
    Anyone receiving these calls should call the Sheriff’s Office at 284-7172 to see if there actually is a warrant out for them, he said.
    “Call our general number — not the one they give you,” he said. “Most people know if there’s a warrant out for them.
    “We do call people about warrants, but that’s not how we collect on them.”
    While the callers are using the name of a local entity — the Sheriff’s Office — and in some cases the names of actual officers, Johnson said he doesn’t believe the scammers are local.
    “They go to our website to find our names and give them some legitimacy,” Johnson said.
    He compared it to recent calls alleging to be from the Internal Revenue Service, with  the scam artists claiming they need immediate payment or the person answering will be arrested.
    “I think a lot of people are on to the IRS scheme, so they’re trying something else,” Johnson said. “People trust their law enforcement agencies.
    “And if they get a couple of bucks from somebody, it pays off for them.”
    Johnson said he doesn’t know of any case in which someone wired money to the scam artists.
    It’s not just the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Office that’s dealing with these calls, Johnson added.
    Sheriff’s departments in Walworth and Waukesha counties have received similar reports, he said.Daily Press

Ozaukee County flu hospitalizations on the increase PDF Print E-mail
Daily News
Written by JOE POIRIER   
Wednesday, 07 February 2018 19:18

Public health director says between five and 10 cases a day are being reported in two county area

    There’s still time to get a shot for this year’s flu season that has resulted in 49 hospitalizations in Ozaukee County.
    “In terms of numbers, we do have more hospitalizations than we did last year,” Director of the Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department Kirsten Johnson said, noting 75% of the cases involve people older than 65. “Often times, they’re going in for something else and then they’re diagnosed with the flu.”
    According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, 2,023 people in the state have tested positive for influenza as of Jan. 27, and another 10 had parainfluenza — a respiratory illness found in infants and children. The department reported 36 people tested positive for coronavirus, which is a mild upper-respiratory illness.
    Johnson said she receives five to 10 reports of the flu per day between the two counties. The only reported cases of the flu to the health department are hospitalizations and pediatric deaths. She said there have been no pediatric deaths from the flu this year in Ozaukee.  
    According to the Centers for Disease Control, 53 pediatric deaths have been linked to the flu and pneumonia this year.
    As of Feb. 1, the percentage of deaths caused by influenza and pneumonia in the U.S. is 9.7%, which is more than the epidemic threshold of 7.1%
    “We’ve been encouraging people to get immunized,” she said.
    So far 32% of the people in Wisconsin have gotten flu shots.
    While there haven’t been any flu-related deaths in Wisconsin, the CDC declared the state to be under a severe flu threat two weeks ago.
    Johnson said the flu hasn’t reached its peak yet in Wisconsin, but she expects the flu season to last until late spring.
     She said one of the simplest ways to avoid getting sick is by getting vaccinated, which usually takes two weeks to become fully immunized.
    “I think people who don’t get the shot don’t know about its effects if they haven’t gotten it before or they just don’t believe in vaccines,” she said. “There’s a lot misinformation out there like you can get the flu from the shot, which isn’t true.”
    Those who are vaccinated and contract the flu are more likely to recover faster and the symptoms are less severe, Johnson said.
    Symptoms of the flu include cough, fever, sore throat, muscle aches, headache, fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea.
    Johnson said it’s important to stay at home and call a doctor if you are sick. She also said simple steps can go a long way in preventing the spread of germs, like covering your mouth when coughing, washing hands and drinking plenty of fluids.
    “We know the flu is out there and we haven’t hit our peak yet, so stay wary and cautious,” she said. Daily Press

Port soon to be proud owner of lighthouse PDF Print E-mail
Daily News
Wednesday, 07 February 2018 19:16

Officials say draft deed from federal government means long process of securing landmark is almost complete

    It looks like Port Washington will take ownership of its iconic lighthouse during the next month.
    Aldermen on Tuesday approved a draft deed to the lighthouse received from the U.S. General Services Administration.
    It will take about 25 days for the federal government to process the deed through its system and send a final deed to the city, City Attorney Eric Eberhardt said.
    “This is a milestone in the city’s history,” he said. “When people talk of Port Washington, they talk of the lighthouse.”
    “It’s been a long journey, but it’s good to get here,” Mayor Tom Mlada said.
    The quit claim deed approved Tuesday would transfer ownership of the lighthouse to the city for $1 and a promise to maintain and preserve the structure in a historically relevant manner, Eberhardt said.
    “That’s all you’re getting, ownership of the structure,” he said, noting it does not provide ownership of the breakwater or lakebed beneath the lighthouse.
    The lighthouse is being transferred as is, he said, with the city responsible for any needed repairs, including asbestos abatement and issues with lead-based paint, Eberhardt said.
    If the structure isn’t maintained, he added, the federal government can take ownership back.
    While the city will own the structure, Eberhardt said, the Coast Guard will continue to operate the fog horn and beacon since the lighthouse is a navigational aid.
    The city must make the lighthouse available for education, park, recreation, cultural and historic preservation purposes for the community, Eberhardt said, and is prohibited from holding commercial activities there.
    The city must submit a report to the federal government every two years outlining its uses and maintenance activities, he added.
    A sign acknowledging the federal government’s transfer of the lighthouse must also be erected on the structure within three months, Eberhardt said.
    It’s been three years since the city undertook the effort to obtain ownership of the lighthouse after the Coast Guard announced it would be divesting itself of the structure.
    Mlada noted that the city has a plan in place to repair the structure and has raised about $20,000 for this purpose — about two-thirds of the amount needed to replace the porthole windows.
    It will take another $500,000 to $1 million to repaint the structure, he noted.
    The city has also applied to have the lighthouse placed on the National Register of Historic Places.Daily Press

Port Washington mayor lands new gig PDF Print E-mail
Daily News
Wednesday, 31 January 2018 20:00

Mlada to fill newly created director of development position with Ozaukee Washington Land Trust

    Port Washington Mayor Tom Mlada will have another job title to add to his resume Monday — director of development for the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust.
    Mlada, who is not seeking re-election in the April election, will begin work at the Land Trust on Feb. 5, Executive Director Tom Stolp said Tuesday.
    “Tom’s just a stand-out person,” he said. “I think Tom offers a unique perspective given his time as mayor, and I’m eager to have that.
    “As mayor and beyond, he’s conducted himself with utmost integrity. We’re thrilled to be able to add someone of Tom’s professional caliber and personal character to our team.”
    As the director, Mlada will essentially head up fundraising efforts for the nonprofit agency and work with members and donors to ensure their goals are met, Stolp said.
    It’s a job that shouldn’t be a stretch for Mlada, who worked as director of development and stewardship for St. Monica School and Parish in Whitefish Bay for years.
    His interest in environmental issues has also been evident during his tenure as mayor. Mlada had spearheaded several environmental initiatives and created groups like the city’s Environmental Planning Committee.  
    He’s also worked closely with the Land Trust on stewardship initiatives and projects, including the proposed Cedar Vineyard subdivision on the city’s south side that will combine a residential development with a winery, vineyards and a 101-acre nature preserve that will protect environmentally sensitive lands.
    Mlada received a stewardship award from the Land Trust in 2015, Stolp noted.
    “Having worked very closely with OWLT on a number of difference-making, community-based stewardship initiatives throughout my time as mayor, I have witnessed and experienced the very real impact of this extraordinary organization,” Mlada said. “It’s going to be an incredible opportunity to give back. I’m very, very excited.”
    The full-time position is a new one, said Stolp. The organization had filled the post in the past, but it has been vacant for many years.
    Mlada was selected after a nationwide search that yielded primarily regional candidates, he said.    
    The Land Trust has 32 preserves in Ozaukee and Washington counties and has protected roughly 4,000 acres through conservation easements, Stolp said.Daily Press

Board backs controversial plan for new sidewalks PDF Print E-mail
Daily News
Wednesday, 31 January 2018 19:56

Officials say walkways will improve safety but residents argue they’re not needed in quiet neighborhoods

    The controversial issue of constructing sidewalks in Port Washington’s north bluff neighborhoods took a step forward Tuesday as the Board of Public Works recommended installing the walkways along several streets in the area this summer.
    The idea of placing sidewalks along Crestview Drive and Brentwood Court was of particular concern, since neighbors had protested the walkways because they don’t join up with any other sidewalks.
    “I know it’s part of the code to have sidewalks....But they don’t connect to anywhere,” Tim Osowski, 1114 Crestview Dr., reiterated Tuesday.
    Osowski reminded the board that virtually all the residents in the area have signed a petition opposing the installation of sidewalks, especially since many of the roads are not heavily traveled.
    Public Works Director Rob Vanden Noven recommended the board include the sidewalks in this year’s road reconstruction project, and that it commit to installing sidewalks along Hales Trail from the bike path to Upper Lake Park.
    Doing that, he said, would not only link with the proposed walkways on Crestview and Brentwood, it would also provide a safe path for pedestrians heading to Upper Lake Park.
    “It seems to me there’s a lot of support for sidewalks on Hales Trail,” he said.
    Ald. John Sigwart made a motion to delay the sidewalk installation along Crestview, Brentwood and Hales Trail until next year, but that motion was voted down.
    “Do you really want to have two years there with everything torn up?” board chairman Craig Czarnecki asked, noting the cost of the work could also increase in the next year.
    He also expressed concern about approving the Hales Trail sidewalk now, saying he didn’t want to “spring it” on the neighbors.
    But because the project wouldn’t entail ripping up the roadway, Sigwart said, it wouldn’t be disruptive.
    “I don’t know how much sense it would make to do it in two years,” board member Eric Ryer said. “If you’re going to do it, just do it.”
    It would take time to design the Hales Trail work, Vanden Noven said, so it would have to be bid separately from the rest of the street work.
    Ald. Mike Gasper, a member of the board, said it wouldn’t really matter if the Hales Trail sidewalk were delayed until next year. The sidewalks for this year’s project probably won’t be open until late summer, he said, and the Hales Trail walkway could be done in spring.
     Sigwart’s motion died by a 5-1 vote.
    Gasper then made a motion to have the city pay for the sidewalk installation instead of assessing the property owners for the work.
    “I know there’s a matter of fairness,” he said. “But this would make it a little more palatable for people.”
    But other committee members noted residents elsewhere have paid for the construction of sidewalks in front of their homes.
    “If I voted for this, all my bedroom windows would be shot out,” Sigwart said, noting sidewalks were installed in his neighborhood several years ago even after residents protested.
    If the city were to pay for the walkways, Vanden Noven said, it would be roundly criticized for not being fair “especially in this instance where higher income neighborhoods would receive the benefit while lower income neighborhoods have not.”
    The assessments for the sidewalk are expected to be less than $500 annually for five years for the Crestview and Brentwood areas, he added.
    Gasper’s motion was defeated, 4-2.
    He then made a motion not to install sidewalks on any cul de sac, saying this is common practice in many communities, especially if there are few houses on the road. This motion would have, in effect, eliminated the sidewalk on Brentwood Court.
    “To remove sidewalk just because it’s a cul de sac doesn’t make any sense,” board member Jason Wittek said. “Access is for everybody, not just residents of that street.”
    After that motion failed, 5-1, a motion to approve the street project with sidewalks on Crestview and Brentwood was approved 5-1, with Sigwart opposing it.
    The Common Council will consider the board’s recommendation when it meets at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5.
    Vanden Noven said he plans to put the street projects out for bid in mid-February.
    Although the board didn’t address the Hales Trail sidewalk in its motion, Vanden Noven said he will bring the matter back for consideration with the 2019 street projects.
    “The message I got is we should plan on sidewalk construction on Hales Trail in 2019,” he said, saying that will provide enough time to plan the project.Daily Press

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