LETTER: Witnesses testified in public; Trump said they were ‘scum’

To Ozaukee Press:

Over the last several years we’ve seen the disinformation that is so common in the Trump administration find its way into the pro-Trump letters to the editor published in Ozaukee Press.

A recent letter stated that all the witnesses in the impeachment inquiry testified in private. That is not true. We saw Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, Fiona Hill and many others testify publicly on live television. They are all patriotic, honest public servants who told the truth about Trump’s Ukrainian scheme. Of course, Trump called them “traitors” and “human scum.” How typical of this nasty, vindictive man.

The fact is that Donald Trump has been impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives for high crimes and misdemeanors. All Americans should now demand a fair and thorough trial in the U.S. Senate, including witnesses and documents. If Trump is found guilty of these charges he should be removed from office.

In the meantime Trump just keeps on lying, with well over 15,000 lies in the last three years. Do any of his supporters still believe the government of Mexico is going to pay for Trump’s ridiculous, nearly 2,000-mile long wall on the U.S. southern border?

Here and abroad, Trump is viewed by millions as nothing more than a joke. The Trump baby balloon, which mimics his wild hairdo, has flown all over the world. The late-night talk show hosts go to work on Trump every night.

Trump is an elitist who is using his office to pad his own pockets and promote his businesses. He is taking advantage of the very folks he claims he wants to help. He is a fundamentally dishonest man.

Our national debt just keeps on rising and our foreign policy is in disarray. North Korea has not disarmed and there is no Mideast peace plan. We must admit that hiring a reality TV star with no government experience to lead this nation was a mistake.

In approximately 10 months we can rectify this mistake. Americans must make a wiser and more thoughtful choice. The future of our country depends on it.

James Korthals


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