LETTER: Ticketing motorists for making noise is too subjective to be fair

To Ozaukee Press:
    Here is my complaint to the Port Washington  police chief about ticketing certain vehicles for making “extreme” noise in the City of Port Washington:
    What are the city’s decibel numbers for motorists for normal, loud and extreme noise levels? At which decibel number and above will motorists be ticketed?
    Have you given your officers the tools (decibel meters) necessary to measure what is extreme noise? Or have the ears of your officers been calibrated to a decibel level of what  constitutes extreme?  Everyone hears differently. Without correct tools being used, the Port police department is targeting certain motorists in an extremely subjective way.
    With the growth of any city comes more revenue, people and noise. Maybe if Port quit building high rises, the everyday noises (motorcycles, trucks, boats, cars, semis, trains, emergency vehicles, etc.) wouldn’t be trapped in the downtown of seven hills.
    Maybe those citizens looking for peace and quiet should move into the country. But then they’ll complain about the manure smell and extreme tractor noise.
Nici Tomkiewicz



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