LETTER: Motorcycle and siren noise is nothing new—live with it!

To Ozaukee Press:
    I feel compelled to respond to the letter to the editor written by Tom Hudson and the news story about police cracking down on noisy vehicles in last week’s Ozaukee Press.
    For many years that I can remember, trains and emergency vehicles have traveled in the City of Port Washington. Now all of a sudden those noises are irritating and causing people to lose sleep.
    I remember when at 1 p.m. every weekday the city sirens would sound. Then someone complained that the noise was waking up their sleeping child from their nap and the city stopped doing that.  And I love hearing the train at night.
    Harleys have been modified for years to make the noise that they do. Just because someone from out-of-state moves here to an expensive condo downtown and cries about the cycle noise we need to start ticketing them? I have a better idea. Why doesn’t the city just put up signs at the city limits saying,  “Motorcycles not welcome here. We don’t want your money.”
    Why don’t we tell all the businesses to move out of town because we don’t want their semis here? What are we going to do in August when Harley Davidson has its anniversary party and bikers want to stay in our city or spend their money here? Tell them to get lost?  
    I would hope the mayor and police chief stop this ridiculous complaining by some of the people and use common sense. These noises were around here for decades and no one has complained until now.
    I hope no one needs medical or emergency care in the middle of the night, because you would be annoying people and stressing them out.
    Let’s get real and put our energy into solving real problems in our society.
Peter Federspiel
Port Washington



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