LETTER: McCabe is only candidate who can beat Walker in November

To Ozaukee Press:
    For almost five months now, I and other supporters of Mike McCabe for
governor have been standing on busy street corners in communities all around
Washington and Ozaukee counties. We have encountered incredibly positive
reactions to our “people-powered” billboards from hundreds of commuters in
early morning and after-work drive times. Positive responses have easily outnumbered the negatives 5 to 1.
    Now we have to turn that positivity into action. It’s imperative that we get to the polls on Aug. 14 to vote. And-if we want a candidate who can defeat Gov. Walker in November, we must vote for Mike McCabe.
    Of the eight candidates on the Democratic ballot, McCabe offers the starkest
contrast to our current governor. Here are some of their biggest differences:
    McCabe has accepted only small contributions from thousands of ordinary
Wisconsin citizens; Walker has taken millions of dollars from wealthy individuals and corporations, many from outside the state.
    McCabe will see to it that redistricting lines are drawn fairly after the 2020 census so citizens once again choose their state representatives—not the other way around.  Walker is perfectly satisfied with the inequitable gerrymandering that currently sends large majorities of Republicans to the state Legislature while Democrats win the majority of the popular vote.
    McCabe will do everything in his power as governor to end the drain the statewide voucher program (religious and other private schools receiving taxpayer-funded tuition subsidies) is having on Wisconsin’s public school system. Walker is bent on expanding this program though for almost 30 years it has done nothing to significantly improve competency levels of the students involved.
    McCabe will make BadgerCare available to all Wisconsinites; Walker
turned down federal Medicaid-expansion money that would have covered some
85,000 people through BadgerCare.
    McCabe will use his influence as governor to spur economic development
from the ground up, using state resources to help small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. Walker still believes in the oft disproven trickle-down theory of economic development, hence the $4.1 billion welfare deal with Foxconn, a foreign corporation.
    Forget the opinion polls; your vote is what counts. Cast it for the only candidate who can defeat Scott Walker in November.
Dennis Uhlig



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