LETTER: List of Trump successes media doesn’t mention is really long

To Ozaukee Press:

The mainstream media has completely ignored President Trump’s accomplishments and all the positive things he has achieved so far in office. They have decided to wage a war against Trump and the MAGA agenda.

Positive reporting just wouldn’t fit in the destroy-Trump-at-any-cost narrative, where they only focus on impeachment, because he dared to drain the swamp, wasn’t supposed to beat Mrs. Clinton and did an awful thing like follow through with most of his campaign promises.

There is no evidence to support any of the partisan Democratic House accusations, but they keep alleging lie after lie trying to get something to stick.

Here is a partial list of Trump accomplishments the New York Times won’t tell you about: Unemployment at a 17-year low; African and Hispanic American unemployment at record lows; a historic economic boom (GDP numbers don’t lie); jobless claims at a 45-year low; business confidence at near Reagan 1980s levels; trade deals that protect American industries and workers (a Democrat leaning policy for which he got no credit); defense of the right to life, religious liberty and the Constitution; securing our borders; ISIS is crushed because Trump trusts the military; restoring American leadership on the world stage and advancing an America-first agenda, unlike Obama years where he would blame America first and show incredible weakness.

Remember, a lie repeated often enough can eventually be believed, especially when you have a willing and compliant media obsessed with taking down a sitting president who has been duly elected by the American people. These efforts by Trump haters only embolden us “deplorables” to support him that much more.

Timothy J. Landing


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