LETTER: Let’s count the ways Trump is making America great again

To Ozaukee Press:

In response to the letter to the editor in last week’s Ozaukee Press by Robert Hoefs, I will point out some facts that show America is getting great again.

President Trump is harder on Russia then the last three presidents. A meeting is being scheduled with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, which has never been done before. This could lead to the end of nuclear threats, which would not have happened without our president.  

Mr. Hoefs mentioned the school kids’ safety. Tell me what did Obama did in eight years to protect our schools and children. Now President Trump is supposed to do it in a month or so.  

Our economy is on an all-time high and the unemployment rate is the lowest in 17 years. Isis is all but gone, and Isis started when Obama was in charge. Huge tax cuts—corporate rate went from 35% down to 21%. Due to this, corporations gave the employees bonuses from $1,000 and up. Also the employees will be getting higher pay checks thanks to the tax cuts.  

President Trump slashed many regulations that were slowing down our economy. Border control is a priority; we do not want illegal aliens coming into our country and want to stop the drugs coming into our communities. Yes, we need a wall for our protection. The U.S. Embassy is moving to Jerusalem where it should be. The last three presidents wanted to do this, talked about it, but never did. President Trump had the courage to do so. 

In just 14 months, he is making America great Again, and I just touched the surface of all he has done. Also, our wonderful vets are being taken care of, and will continue to be treated so much better. Thank you, President Trump; God bless you and keep you safe and thank you for bringing back prayer to the White House.       

Mary Jane Bravi



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