LETTER: It’s all planned: Trump’s trial will end in jury nullification

To Ozaukee Press:

Last week in New York I sat spellbound through a stunning performance of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” The well known plot navigates the trial, conviction and death sentence of a young black man in 1930s Alabama for a crime he did not and could not commit. Nevertheless, in an act of profound cruelty and injustice, the jurors ignored all the evidence presented and voted to convict.  

As I left the theater I remembered once thinking about the Harper Lee novel following the O.J. Simpson case in 1995. That trial also ended with a shocking jury nullification.

The book and play suddenly seem remarkably relevant today. We are once again witnessing jury nullification, but on a scale we’ve never seen in our country before. The Senate majority leader has brazenly announced ahead of the Senate impeachment trial that the fix is in; the jury has been nullified. This despite the damning and yet uncontested evidence forwarded from the House.

Amazingly, not a scintilla of exculpatory evidence has been presented. Republican efforts to defend President Trump have amounted to little more than red-faced shouting and shameful name-calling, combined with the locking down of documents and blocking of witnesses wherever possible.

In anticipation of the Senate trial, Leader McConnell has made his strategy transparent to all: The House committee report will be entered into the record to be shelved and ignored. No additional documents or testimony will be considered. No additional witnesses, however germane, will be called.

The American people will witness jury nullification on a scale we have never seen or imagined possible. The senators will swear an oath before God to review the facts in a fair and impartial manner and the Republican Senate will then rule on obstruction of Congress—by obstructing themselves.

Donald Harvey
Port Washinggton



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