LETTER: Harsh treatment of Canada and others could cause pain here

To Ozaukee Press:
    On a recent trip to Canada, we met two Canadian couples while on a train tour. They advised us they were conservative in politics, but had little good to say about what our nation was doing or how our president spoke about their prime minister. They were upset with the tariffs and about how our president talked about people from other nations.
    They brought up something that struck home for me when they said they were doing their part to express their disdain for our president. They said that when they went into stores, they now for the first time looked to see if the item they were going to buy was made in the U.S. If it was, it stayed on the shelf. It was their way of protesting against the tariffs and policies of our nation.
    How many others are doing this, not just in Canada but in other nations? How soon will this catch up to us and start hurting not just our farmers, but our manufacturing as well?
    We will soon be entering voting booths to elect candidates who will hopefully have the backbone and will to represent the people of this nation and not the special interests. Too many of our current elected officials just follow lock-step behind the president. If they can’t represent us, then it’s time for us to tell them, “Your fired!”
Mark Gierach
West Bend


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