LETTER: Gov. Evers promotes business without taxpayer giveaways

To Ozaukee Press:

A recent letter to the editor questioned what Gov. Evers is doing to promote business. In order for business to thrive in 21st century Wisconsin, Evers believes in investing in education for great schools, affordable higher education and technical training. He knows the value of good infrastructure and efficient transportation, broadband throughout the state, a healthy environment and equitable health care. All of these Democratic policies support a strong business environment and they enhance the lives of all citizens.

Former Gov. Walker and the current Republicans in the Legislature invested in a pre-election gamble with the most expensive governmental corporate subsidy in the history of America. They allocated billions for Foxconn—a giveaway of taxpayers’ money to a private foreign company. Now, that promise of thousands of jobs is fading away. Wisconsin Republicans made a mockery of the free enterprise system that created a great America.

The Republicans’ give hundreds of millions a year in tax savings to the owners of manufacturing firms and corporate farms with no evidence that this money grows family-supporting jobs. In fact, Wisconsin’s manufacturing wage growth is the same as the average wage growth of our neighboring states that do not engage in corporate welfare.

“Socialism” has become the favored word for Republicans trying to scare voters. In a recent newsletter from Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman, he stated he is “an ardent defender of Medicare and Social Security.” He’s defending socialism. These highly-valued programs, created by Democrats, are a distribution of health care and payments to seniors managed by our government. They are socialism, as are our beautiful parks, public schools, purified drinking water, municipal sewer systems and roads that have been neglected by Republicans.

Tom Lohr



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