LETTER: Facts refute claim that blacks have done better under Trump

To Ozaukee Press,
    In a recent letter to the editor in Ozaukee Press, Andy Dieringer stated: “He (Trump) has done more for the African Americans than the Democrats did in 50 years.” No facts were provided to support that opinion. Here are some facts garnered from the Brookings Institute and the Economic Policy Institute to challenge that thinking:
    Hate crimes are up 12.5% in the 10 largest cities over the past year.
        Racial profiling and police violence against racial and ethnic minorities
have increased, resulting in African Americans being referred to the criminal
justice system three times more than whites. African Americans are more likely to receive harsher sentences.
    On average, African Americans earn 82 cents for each dollar earned by
white workers. The average income for African Americans decreased from
$41,363 in 2000 to $39,400 in 2017.
    The unemployment rate for African Americans in 2017 was 7.5%, roughly twice the white unemployment rate.
        More than 90% of nominees for federal judgeships are white, unlike the
population of the United States.
        The attorney general rolled back a Department of Justice program
providing technical assistance to local law enforcement agencies that wanted
to build trust within local communities.
        In the words of Derrick Johnson, president of the NAACP: “America’s greatness can only be realized if it models integrity and inclusivity and is willing to confront the inequities that still persist within its democracy and society.”
Ellen MacFarlane


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