LETTER: Don’t blame humans before we understand old climate change

To Ozaukee Press:

This in response to the editorial cartoon on climate change in last week’s Ozaukee Press.

About 20,000 years ago, a significant event occurred in the climate history of our planet. But before that another significant climate event occurred: our planet got cold enough to enter into an ice age. So when that ice age ended (again about 20,000 years ago), there was a glacier left that was about a mile high right here where I’m typing this.

Science tells us that two things happened: our planet’s climate changed and got cold enough to form significant glaciers right here where we now live. But since there are no glaciers right here now, our planet’s climate must have changed again to melt those glaciers.

Two questions:

What mechanism or process caused our planet’s climate to change enough to enter into an ice age?

What mechanism or process caused our planet’s climate to change enough to melt glaciers?

So I would say that before we assign blame to humans for the planet’s warming we should first understand the natural mechanisms and processes that caused our planet to first cool then warm.

The real problem of climate change controversy is that we are expected to accept prognostications from so-called experts laying global warming directly at the feet of humans, when natural global warming processes are not understood. Shouldn’t scientific method be part of the global warming conversation?

Just out of curiosity, does this now make me a climate change denier?

Tom McHugh



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