LETTER: Dems didn’t allow witnesses for Trump; that’s just not fair

To Ozaukee Press:

The impeachment trial has begun in the Senate and now suddenly Adam Schiff
wants fairness. He and fellow Democrats did not seem too interested in fairness when the proceedings were back at the House. Only witnesses that supported their cause were allowed to testify, only “experts” that agreed with them were allowed to give their opinions.

What about the many closed door sessions? Were they afraid of what we might hear? What about the whistleblower that had third hand knowledge? Does he even exist?

I always thought in our justice system you had the right to confront your accuser. Not here. In court you are allowed to call witnesses for your defense. Not here. Can you imagine being accused of a crime and only witnesses for the prosecution are allowed. Well, that happens here in the House of Representatives.

All of this boils down to the same thing—Democrats want to remove a duly elected Republican from office. Remember the attempt to remove Gov. Walker from office? How’d that work out? Here in America we do not remove someone from office simply because we do not like him, or in this case because he “stole” the election from Queen Hillary. You vote him out in the next election.

Unfortunately for Democrats, the results in November will be the same as the
Walker recall. America sees through their ongoing coup attempt. In the end, all of the Democratic follies will just end in an even larger margin of victory for Trump. We thank them for all the extra votes they are giving him.

Larry Williamson
Port Washington



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