LETTER: Democrats can’t beat Trump at polls, so they impeached him

To Ozaukee Press:

The Democrats have reached their goal impeaching President Trump. It was a scam from the start, and they know it.

Article 11 of the Constitution says the president shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

They impeached him on obstruction of Congress and abuse of power. These are not impeachable offenses, even if he were guilty of them. They considered him guilty until he has proven himself innocent, which is not the American way in any court of law.

 Now that they have voted to impeach him, and Pelosi refuses to turn it over to the Senate, where he will get a fair trial and will be able to call subpoena witnesses, which the Democratic Congress would not allow him to do. They do not want him to go on trial in the senate because it will expose their scam and corruption.

They know that they cannot beat him in the coming election, so they are trying to tarnish him with impeachment, but it is not working, as his popularity continues rise. He has made the economy stronger, created more jobs and has taken millions off of food stamps because they are working and have become self-sufficient. The Democrats don’t like that, because they want people to be dependent on government.

Trump has upset their apple cart of making this a socialist country. They are the wealthy and they want to keep it that way. For example, Obama came into this country as a foreign student and had his education paid for by the government. He became president and is now a multimillionaire. He doesn’t even believe in climate change because he recently bought a sea shore property for $12 million which was supposed to be under water by the year 2000. Now it is 2020 and still not under water.

Andy Dieringer
Port Washington



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