LETTER: Anti-gun forces have one goal: to confiscate all of our firearms

To Ozaukee Press:

Sadly, another mass shooting occurs, and yet again we witness misplaced outrage, not at the 19-year-old Florida monster with a history of mental problems, or the complete breakdown of every agency from the sheriff’s department all the way up to the FBI. Liberals reflexively blame the NRA, the GOP and, of course, today’s weapon of choice—the evil, black AR-15 rifle. As if it is possessed, loads itself and shoots human beings on its own.

After every evildoer uses guns in a negative way, the same gun grabbers shout incoherently for “gun control” but never seem to settle on specifics.

Ironically, the same group is always first to make excuses for violent offenders and last to call for tough penalties. But, boy, are they ready to blame the tool!

Since this is, unfortunately, the world we live in, it’s time to get responsible and protect our loved ones. President Trump has astutely called for allowing qualified teachers to conceal carry firearms. Allowing qualified teachers to carry guns would be a game changer because of the deterrent effect it would offer. 

Mass shooters target places that are gun-free zones for obvious reasons. And as we have learned, these deranged lunatics are cowards and choose soft targets where guns are not allowed.

Remember the unhinged rants the left gave us on Wisconsinites being able to carry concealed guns? Sounds kind of silly now, even though lefties will never admit it. This is why their credibility is lacking here.

What sickens me as a proud life member of the NRA is that five million or so good men and women are portrayed as uncaring bad people when we know quite the contrary. We are real Americans who care deeply about our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Despite what anti-gun Democrats and the media say about us, we grieve for the senseless tragedies and want to protect our children.

The biggest problem with these same anti-gun forces who use tragedy to further a political agenda is that they are not interested in bipartisan solutions to prevent future tragedy, but are only interested in complete confiscation of private guns one increment at a time.

The following I ran across recently and not sure the author, but it fits quite well in today’s world: The problem is not the guns—it’s hearts without God, schools without discipline and courts without justice.

Timothy J. Landing



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