Clue the board game performed on stage

It’s the students in the auditorium with the lines that will make you laugh

CEDAR GROVE-BELGIUM High School will perform the comedy “Murder in the Knife Room” at 7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 7, and Saturday, Dec. 8, in the middle school auditorium. The cast includes (front row from left) Janiyah Messling, Martha Ruona, Megan Zaczyk, Jocelyn Wieberdink, Jenna Plier, Lila Weyker, McKenna Bretz, Jacy Jajac, Sophia Larsen, Bailey Cooney, Haven Minick, Natalie Davies, Kennedy Schoeder, Lydia Lavey, (back row) Ethan Beardsley, Jack Beckmann, Andrew Reichert, Kaitlyn Wolff, Jaiden Schueller, Anna Kiskunas, Allison Wieberdink, AJ Schaefer, Kirstin Oszuscik, Ben Anzia, Rebecca Plier, Mackenzie Amore, Allison Niebauer, Grace Voskuil, Makenna Ferber, Kara Pree, Maggie Martin, Wesley Reichle, Devin Leifer, Ben Fleuchaus, Jonah Heisler, Georgie Isken, Tabitha Fischer, Ella Winter and Logan Depies. Missing from the photo were Emilie Gruell and Allison Schreurs. Photo by Sam Arendt
Ozaukee Press Staff

It’s a comical play that Cedar Grove-Belgium High School is putting on this week and yes, many cast members have acting experience.

But it’s not only the audience that these students will be cracking up during “Murder in the Knife Room.”

Their greatest challenge during rehearsals is not to fall into hysterical laughter themselves.

“We’re still working on it,” senior Rebecca Plier said.

She is partly to blame. Cast as a failing stand-up comedian, Plier is playing her role so well her cast mates are laughing at jokes that aren’t supposed to be funny. She said the role fit her well when she read the script.

“I don’t really need to act,” she said.

Plier isn’t the only one portraying a funny character. While past plays have featured a few members for comic relief, this performance calls for each person to have a certain brand of hilarity.

“Everybody has the opportunity to be the star this year,” senior Mackenzie Amore said.

Grace Voskuil, for example, is playing a promiscuous, crotchety old man whose costume makes her look like Dr. Phil.

“My grandparents can’t wait,” she said.

She borrowed her father’s pants for the role and confirmed that “men’s pockets are bigger.”

The plot has the host of a party killed by one of many suspects. Each guest has a secret and must reveal it to learn the contents of a mysterious box.

Senior Jacy Zajac has one of the largest roles, the inspector who questions everyone. But she only reveals herself after working undercover as a deaf mute, a character she said she based on the butler in “Clue.”

Zajac becomes frustrated that the other characters are so stupid, and Amore’s role is near the top of the list. She takes her voice up a notch or five to play a flighty teen not unlike Karen from “Mean Girls.”

She said she did not let her grades tank to get into the role, but she did admit, “I definitely have my ditzy moments.”

Senior Anna Kiskunas’ role went the other direction. She uses “light, airy talk” as a wealthy dowager based on a character from “Downton Abbey.”

Amore said the actors add their own personal touches to their roles, and nobody knows what Plier is going to say.

“I definitely ad lib. I have to keep it fresh,” she said.

Given the camaraderie among the cast members and their familiarity with one another, they hit the ground running as soon as they began reading parts.

“We were, like, in character right away,” Amore said.

Show times are 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Admission is $5.

From 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, the junior class is holding a chili dinner in the middle school cafeteria. The cost is $5 per bowl, which includes a drink and dessert.



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