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Milk producers pitch in to fund wellness grant for local school PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ozaukee Press   
Wednesday, 01 April 2015 20:05

Saukville Elementary School students have joined forces with the National Dairy Council and the National Football League in a wellness initiative titled Fuel Up to Play 60.

The school was selected to receive a $1,000 grant to support healthy nutrition efforts and physical activity improvements.

The program is organized in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and state dairy farmers through the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

It encourages youths to consume nutrient-rich foods — such as low-fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables and whole grains — and include at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

Physical education teacher Colette Piontek applied for the grant on behalf of the school.

“We are spending our money on equipment to keep us moving,” Piontek said.

Additionally, she said, the funds would support an effort to introduce students to healthy snacking during the school day.

The school has offered cheese, Mandarin orange slices and veggie sticks during recent snack times.

More than 70,000 schools across the country participate in the Fuel Up to Play 60 program.

“Fuel Up to Play 60 has really taken off in Wisconsin,” said Laura Wilford, director of the Wisconsin Dairy Council, the nutrition education division of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

“Wellness champions and students in more than 2,000 schools have embraced the program, and these funds will help many of the participating schools do even more.”

Image information: SHARING A TOAST of Wisconsin milk to celebrate their Fuel Up to Play 60 grant were Saukville Elementary School students (front row, from left) Bryce Stasik, Carter Lator, Skye Westling, (middle row) A.J. Mrozeic, Ellyse Karrels, Maggie Sherriff, Nick Gonzalez, Ellie Golden, (back row) teacher Colette Piontek, Mallory Zwicker, Emma Kaska-James and Cooper Devenport.                Photo by Sam Arendt

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