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Written by JOE POIRIER   
Wednesday, 16 August 2017 18:38

Badger Case unveils a transportable bar that can not only be customized but is relatively light and can be folded up small enough to store in a closet

    As the height of tailgating reaches its peak with the start of the football season, Saukville-based company Badger Case is offering fans the chance to transform stadium parking lots into taverns by releasing its latest innovation — a transportable bar — called the Badger Bar.
    “The beauty of it is the fact that it’s so portable and that it stores in a small footprint,” Joe Couto, vice president of Badger Case, said. “Whether you’re a tailgater and want to put it in the back of your SUV or you want to bring it out when you’re having a party — you can literally store it in your closet.”
    The company released its latest merchandise last week and the portable bar is available for purchase online for $1,199 on Amazon or directly through Badger Case. They are already getting orders from around the world.
    “We’ve been contacted by a number of people who have expressed their interest in the bars,” said Steve Schuster, marketing director for Badger Case. “There’s been international interest and inquiries from as far away as Italy and Eastern Europe.”
    While other versions of portable bars already exist, Schuster said the other models are more expensive and difficult to find in the country.
    “Part of the challenge is making it affordable and lightweight enough,” he said, noting the bar weighs 69 pounds. “A lot of the ones we have seen are from Europe and are not available in United States.”
    According to Couto, Badger Case considered manufacturing portable bars in the past but it decided to finally follow through earlier this year, after a man from Texas asked the company to design one.
    “He had been looking for one for three months but couldn’t find a viable option in the market place. So we decided to give it a try,” Couto said. “We figured if we got one guy who likes it that much, let’s send it out and see if we can get more like-minded people.
    “We had a few requests through the years and we always thought about it but we never really pulled the trigger on it until now.”
    Badger Case, formerly known as Badger Leather Goods, has been in existence for 80 years. According to Couto, the company’s experience with manufacturing cases was crucial for designing it’s lightweight and portable bar.
    “One of the unique things that we have is 80 years of experience with building cases so we have a lot of different materials and expertise that are available to us that may not be available to the guy who is building one in his garage,” Couto said. “All you need is a Phillips screwdriver and a few minutes of your time to assemble.”
    Couto also said, Badger Case can work with its customers to help personalize the bars by including a logo.
    “That’s one of the beauties of the bar — whether you want to put your name on it or family crest or have your company name and logo on it for branding,” Couto said, noting the bars would work well for food and beverage companies that want to offer free samples at grocery stores.
    Besides portable bars, Badger Case also manufactures specialized cases for a number of customers, which include the military, professional sports teams and the health care sector.
    Some of the customized cases it produces are ATA cases, road-ready cases, plastic shipping cases, blow-molded cases, flight cases, computer and electronic cases.
    “In the 1930s, we were making leather goods and now we’re making drone cases,” Schuster said. “We’ve done a lot of cases and wardrobes for various professional sports teams. The biggest challenge for Badger Case is to get the word out that we’ve been around so long. When people stop by our shop they are usually blown away by all the work we have done.”
    Badger Case is aiming to develop several versions of the portable bar in the future after it receives more feedback from customers.
    When opened, the Badger Bar’s dimensions are approximately 25 inches tall, 42 inches wide with a length of 64 inches.
    “We might expand the size of bar,” Couto said. “It’s going to evolve so we might end up with two or three different models with different features.”

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